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Vintage Carhartt Double Knee Pants

Welcome To The Era Of The Double

Carhartt Double Knee Review, How To Style & Sizing

New York-based clothing designer Todd Snyder has a famously sharp sense of what American men want to wear. Over a decade ago, at J. Crew, he accurately predicted that they were ready for a slimmed-down and shortened business suit. Then, at the helm of his eponymous brand, Snyder found an audience ready for a softer, more Italian tailoring silhouette, as well as Champion sweats and limited edition New Balance sneakersclothing that reflected the omnivorous tastes of a growing number of young-ish men looking for a home somewhere in between high fashion and streetwear. So it might come as no surprise that Snyders most recent collection, dubbed New Americans, is full of the garment that everyoneyou, the guy who just skated past you, your favorite rapper, and your uncle who dabbles in carpentryis wearing right now: the double-knee pant.

To many twenty-something guys in particular, the double-knee pant, specifically the pairs made by Detroit-based workwear giant Carhartt, is the new 501. Theyre what I wear every day, says designer Hayato Arai of the Double Front Work Pant from Carhartt, which began selling the signature style to farmers in the 30s. Arai cites the weight of Carhartts durable duck canvas and the chill, tapered fit as keys to the pants universal appeal. Theyre not too formal, but they still have a tasteful vibe, he says.

A look from Todd Snyder’s “New American” collection.

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