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Tweed Jacket With Elbow Patches

Tweed Jacket With Elbow Patchesdecember 30 200: 41 Am Subscribe

Restorative Patch on Tweed Jacket! – Quick Tutorials

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The History Of Elbow Patches And Their Relevance Today

Elbow patches have become a re-emerging fashion trend in modern-day menswear. This idea originated among university professors patches were sewn as the fabric in the elbow region of jackets wore out from daily use. As a result, this revelation prolonged the life of one’s favorite garment.

Gradually, elbow patches became associated with prestige and intelligence. Fashion designers began incorporating them into their work. Sport coats with elbow patches became a popular trend in the early 20th century this fad lasted countless years but diminished over time as fashion evolved.

Progressively, elbow patches have made their way back into the spotlight. They are now used to make boring sweaters and blazers look more trendy, by adding a subtle aesthetic to the garment. More than that, elbow patches add a layer of warmth a coat with patches is an exemplary choice for colder seasons.

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Paul Andrew Mens Tailored Fit Brown Tweed Blazer With Elbow Patches

With its subtle brown check this is a great looking tan brown vintage style blazer. it features a notch collar that comes with lapel pin, two flap pockets and handkerchief pockets, also two elbow patches on sleeves. Be bold, mix and match this blazer with our peaky blinders style wear sets like waistcoat, trousers to complete your vintage outfit.

Complete this Blazer with our elegant trousers fo men.

Please check the size chart before placing your order.

Fabric Material: 75% Polyester 20% Rayon 5% WoolLining Material: 100% Polyester

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Adding Elbow Patches To Tweed Sportcoat

I’m with my buddy Vintage Gent here. If you don’t expect the elbows to wear through, why add the patches?Good God, the tweed jacket with leather patches on the elbows was a hackneyed stereotype of the college professor living in genteel poverty on his modest salary 50 bloody years ago when I was a young ‘un. Why would you wish to mimic such a stereotype?It’s such an Internet Gentleman archetype!There are gentlemen on this Internet thing?

DrAvant said:I hope resurrecting an old thread isn’t poor form here but my question is germane to this one. I have an older HSM tweed sport coat that has developed a tear in the elbow . Unfortunately the tear is below where what I think of as appropriate elbow patches would go. First of all, is this defect too large for a reweaving and would that be cost effective for an older jacket? Second, would larger patches be too out of proportion? I wear this jacket frequently and mostly in casual settings where patches would probably go mostly unnoticed.

Tweed Jacket With Elbow Patches

Smythe Duchess Tweed Elbow

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Leather Elbow Patches Ok On Blazers But Strictly Casual

Q. I am wondering about leather patches on blazers and sport jackets. Are they really appropriate for business settings, or do they just show that I’m wearing worn-out clothes? Are there some blazers that are and aren’t appropriate for them?

A. In the world of men’s dressing, some aspects are ironclad rules and some are more a matter of taste and personal preference. Even though you did not specify what type of leather patches you mean, I am assuming that you are referring to leather elbow patches since there is no other type of leather patches that are in any way appropriate for a well-dressed man to wear. This is one of those ironclad rules.

Another rule is that leather elbow patches are never appropriate on a suit.

But whether, when, and where leather elbow patches are appropriate on a blazer or a sports jacket is another story. It all depends on a number of factors:

Harmony — how dressy/elegant that particular blazer or sports jacket is

Individual dressing style — the personality of the man who is wearing the jacket

Context — the overall style/effect/degree of formality of the entire combination he is wearing.

Other, less traditional dressers are fond of elbow patches they see them as “something different” when so much of men’s clothing is limited and unchanging. For these men, the patches offer an opportunity to insert an element of variety into their clothing.

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Tweed Jacket Men With Elbow Patches

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