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Tattoo Ideas For The Wrist

Tattoo Designs To Hide Scars

10 Tattoo DO’s and DON’Ts!!! How To Avoid BAD Tattoos | Alex Costa

Scars are symbolic of strength and courage. For some people, scars remind them of a traumatic life experience or a low point in life. Some people embrace their scars while some choose to hide them. Either choice is completely okay! Some choose to creatively show their scars by adding designs around them.

Some can completely cover up their scars using vibrant colors and intricate tattoo designs. The go-to cover-up designs are floral. Getting colorful flowers tattooed over the scar doesnt only perfectly hide the scare but also looks beautiful. Other tattoo design ideas include getting an animal or quote tattoos over the scar. The animal can be filled with black ink. Having an ideation session with the tattooist can prove to be beneficial in this situation since every scar is unique and so, tattooists would need to need to come up with a design that flawlessly covers up scars.

Another option is an Irish tattoo. Irish tattoos such as the Celtic cross, Celtic knot, tree of life, and the Claddagh tend to be big and hence, can easily cover up older tattoos.

Infinity Tattoos On Wrist

An infinity tattoo is a type of unending shape tattoo. It represents eternity, infinity, and the vast expanse of something or someone. There are several different kinds of infinity tattoos. The finish can be smoother than the example above.

Some types include: Single Line Infinity Tattoos, A single continuous line forms an infinite loop. Also known as a lemniscate, it is the shape of an 8 lying on its side. It is popular for infinities, circles, and infinity symbols.

Whats New In Tattoo Designs

The interesting thing about tattoos is that like clothing and footwear, tattoo trends and preferences keep changing. In the 20th century, there were limited options available and customers generally had to choose from the flash tattoos available. However, today, tattoo trends are constantly changing, thanks to the adaptability, skill, and expertise of tattooists. Thus, we can say that today, tattoos have become a great form of self-expression. So what are some trends in tattoo designs? The newest trend is minimalistic tattoos.

These tattoos may be small but can hold significant meaning to the individuals. These are easy to design and can be tattooed on any body part. Moreover, they look elegant and chic. Another trend in psychedelic tattoos. These are characterized by bold black outlines and colorful filling. Floral tattoos are also back in trend. Complementing floral tattoos are simple butterfly or bird tattoos. They can be simple and black tattoos or can have vibrant colors. Symmetrical designs have also garnered attention in recent times. These are aesthetically pleasing and dont need to have a meaning behind them.

Perhaps the biggest new trend in tattoos is statement tattoos. These are large pieces that tend to cover up an entire body part. While statement tattoos have been available for a while now, they are becoming popular now due to celebrity endorsements and aesthetics. These statement pieces tend to be vibrantly colored and visually appealing.

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Wrist Tattoos For Men

Male wrist tattoos have always remained a popular staple, thanks to their easily noticeable placement, lower pain level, and ability to develop into larger pieces like sleeves.

When considering wrist tattoo ideas for men, there are a wide variety of styles, subject matter, and placements to choose from! Not feeling an inner wrist tattoo? Try experimenting with different placement ideas, like the top or side of the wrist. Another desirable look for male wrist tattoos is the wristband, or a tattoo that is designed to wrap around the area of the wrist.

Utilizing masculine elements within your design like fire, skulls and bold lettering can also help bring your tattoo to life! Some of the more popular styles for tattoo designs on the male wrist include:

  • geometric or tribal designs

Try to keep in mind when contemplating your wrist tattoo, that it may not be acceptable to wear something this visible in some professional environments. But, if you work a job thats cool with tattoos, the wrist is an ideal placement, as it will really allow your art to be readily showcased.

If youre feeling ready to commit to a wrist tattoo, read along to check out our picks for the best wrist tattoos for guys!

Tattoo Designs For Wrist Stars Images

27+ Wrist Tattoo Designs , Ideas

As a body alteration that has been used for ages, tattoo designs for wrist stars have seen uncounted shifts in mode and vogue. tattoo designs for wrist stars are enhancing more normal than ever before and are extensively authorized as a valid means of expressing ones eccentricity. Social media has contributed to the proliferation of tattoo civilization, with people from all walks of life flaunting their latest body art on sites like Instagram.

tattoo designs for wrist stars have been progressively popular in recent years. Artistic flair and originality are attained through a more solemn, painterly approach with these tattoos. Floral and animal motifs, as well as other object of nature, are particularly correct for watercolor tattoos.

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Quote Side Wrist Tattoos

Quote tattoos have the meaning you want to give them, as the real meaning will be in the quote itself. You can write a whole phrase, just a word, song lyrics, movie lines, or wise remarks may all be used to create a powerful and meaningful tattoo.

Looking for more wrist tattoo ideas? Check out our 40 Stylish Wrist Tattoos for Men post.

Different Wrist Tattoo Designs Meanings And Purpose

Girls tattoos as mentioned in the beginning are small and cute. Unlike the more assertive and loud designs of men, girls prefer classy ones like simple quotes, floral, and so on. Cute ones are often symbols a cross, a star, love signs, even birds. Some women prefer bracelet tattoos which can be used as jewelry. Then there are small heart and hand wrist tattoos with a rubber bracelet. This is small so you can easily hide while at your workplace.

Birds are common among women. You can put it on the side wrist as it gives a different dimension to the look. Others from which you can choose are a crescent moon, sunflowers, or even a zodiac symbol. You can choose from water-color, dot-work, a white ink work, or a black work. The choice depends on your taste.

Although most tattoos are just piece of body art, some have their meanings as well. An anchor, for example, symbolizes strength and stability, on the other hand a simple glyphs means to explore. Some women may like these pieces with definite meanings. Apart from these women like to incorporate the first letter of their fiancé/husband/childs name as well. Each has its own sentimental value, showing that you care about someone or something.

Then there are traditional ones like the love or hate signs, or a lion, which means loyal and courageous. Among minimalist tattoos which is a craze these days are ghost design, bow and arrow, compass, a dove, or a Queen of Club implying a strong-willed and possessive person.

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Stylish Black Mandala Tattoo

The black ink tattoo design is the best way to self express, realize and undergo a distinctive styling. The meditation to connect with the divine, the Mandala tattoo design gives a stunning look.

The bold black ink gives subtle yet distinctive appeal. The tattoo design gives an appreciating look.

Credit: nellirantti

Beautiful Flowers Mandala Tattoo

How To Tattoo Perfect Lines

In Buddhism, Mandalas symbolize the balance of body and mind and that can be representative of so many things and internal balance of your soul and eternity or something unique making the tattoo design look incredibly great.

With floral design, you can get tattoo ink done in black.

Credit: inkedlara

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When it comes to wrist tattoos, they are a versatile option. You can easily show off the designs or hide them when the need arises. With respect to designs, there are simple to complex ones that look equally good. The most popular wrist tattoo ideas that you can see around are religious symbols, quotes, name initials, geometric shapes, bands, tribal art and many more.

Wrist tattoos are also popular because they look great for Instagram selfies and quickly grab eyeballs. So, given their visibility, its important for the artwork to stand out and you will never miss out on the chance to stare at your tattoo.

To make things easier for you, check out these amazing wrist tattoo designs that we have collated just for you. You can also visit the Jhaiho website where you can explore thousands of tattoo designs to pick the one that suits you best. Keeping aside the explore option, for now, lets look at these designs below.

Custom Linework Snake Tattoo On Forearm

This is a very cool tattoo. First its layout flows perfectly over the forearm. This flow or movement is created not only by the snakes twisting and turning body but by the geometric lines. These triangles act like road signs highlighting the path of the snake. I always find Geometric style to be such a great complement to any design.

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Small Wrist Tattoos For Women & Meaning

| BY Cailyn Cox

The wrist is one of the top placement options for tattoos because of its visibility. This is a spot where you can see your body art every day, and for that reason, it is important to pick something really meaningful. There are so many options to choose from, whether that is a name tattoo in honor of your loved one or a semicolon as a show of strength and solidarity over mental health issues. Remind yourself of what is important with a heart design, or weather the storm with an anchor tat. If you are looking for inspiration for your next tattoo and think the wrist is the perfect place for it, keep reading to find out more.

+ Best Wrist Tattoo Design Ideas: Body Art Pieces To Make You Pop Out

50 Small Wrist Tattoo Ideas

The wrist is by far one of the most visible body parts we humans have. As such, when getting a tattoo you really want to show off, consider this skin area. In addition, wrist tattoos will speak a lot about your character. Therefore, this is a strong reason to have wrist tattoos.

Standard on both leading huge celebrities and ordinary people similarly, these body art pieces are fascinating.

Today, tattoo enthusiasts will learn everything about what makes these tattoos special, as well as the meanings behind their designs.

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Classy Wrist Tattoo Designs And Meaningful Ideas For Ladies

If you are a tattoo enthusiast, you know that the wrist is one of the best placement options because of visibility. Yes, other body areas are quite visible, but to others, not to you, unless you use a mirror. Most of the time, other places like the hips, shoulder, and back are 90% hidden by clothes, and you might have to head to the beach to have it in the open. So, if you want to stare at your tattoo all the time, go for the best wrist tattoo designs.

Unlike thigh or shoulder tattoos, wrist tattoos are usually within your sight, so the region is a ladies’ favourite. It is a great location to ink something small and remarkable. But before you choose the ultimate design, make sure it is insightful. So, what are the best meaningful wrist tattoos for females?

The Love Wrist Tattoo

This is another simple tattoo idea that is easy to imprint and a great choice for those who like to pass a message around. The word Love is nicely imprinted in italics with the V being into the shape of scissors. A great idea and passes a good message around without having lot writing on your hands.

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Mandala Flower Sleeve Tattoo

Do you want to get a sleeve tattoo design? Why not go for a Mandala floral tattoo design? It is decorated with loads of flowers that represent a strong belief to help you step out of your comfort zone every once in a while.

The black ink tattoo design makes the design look adorable and elegant in its own way.


Solar System Side Wrist Tattoos

Small color rose Tattoo | Real time

Solar system tattoos tend to look really cool and minimal but they also have a lot of meanings behind them. For some people means they love the space, for others, it means they are dreamers, curious, religious, etc. There is a variety of ways you can design a solar system tattoo as you dont have to put all the existent planets.

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Small Flower Mandala Tattoo

As a symbol of balance, eternity and perfection, the Mandala tattoo design represents unity and harmony. With different colors and patterns, the Mandala tattoo design symbolism differs in its own way.

With a creative and trendy tattoo look, the tattoo artist gives a unique appeal.

Credit: lucasvejs_tattoostudio

Whats The Meaning Of Wrist Tattoos

The placement of a tattoo on your wrist can represent a variety of things. It can indicate connection because its one of the first things people notice when you wave or shake hands. Confidence and honesty. On the other hand, can entail wearing your heart on your sleeve and not hiding anything. The inner wrist is also seen to be a very spiritual spot, therefore its an excellent place to put a design that means a lot to you.

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A Portrait Of A Loved One

There’s no way you couldn’t forever adore a tattoo of a loved one. Paying homage to your pet, family member, or a close friend is a choice you’ll hopefully never regret. There are plenty of artists who specialize in super realistic portraiture, or you could leave some interpretation up to the tattooer, like Kezs sketch based off a photo of a clients kitty.

Can I Go To The Gym After Getting A Tattoo

30+ Small Wrist Tattoos

Wait at least 48 hours before going to the gym after getting a new tattoo. This is because exercise not only produces sweat but also stretches muscles and skin. If you have got a tattoo near your biceps, knees, or other joints, it is best to take it easy for a couple of days before resuming your exercise regime.

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Are Wrist Tattoos Even Painful

Truth be told, tattoos are kind of dangerous regardless of the body part you choose. Yet, some areas hurt more than others.

That is because in those areas where the skin is a lot thinner, and the needle goes close to the flesh. Therefore, when it comes to wrist tattoos, you might hear many people complaining about the pain.

However, as in most tattoos and inked body arts, some people say that pain is bearable, actually a lot more tolerable than other parts, such as the tights.

Whatever, it depends a lot on peoples tolerance to pain. You need to keep in mind that tattooing on any part of your body can develop a painful experience, so be careful.

Best Wrist Tattoos For Men

Wrist tattoos are a versatile and unique choice for men who want cool, charming and meaningful ink. The most popular wrist tattoo ideas have traditionally been religious symbols, quotes, initials, geometric shapes, tribal art, bracelets or bands and other masculine designs. If you want stylish artwork, these wrist tattoo designs can help you create a badass piece.

For inspiration, well show you examples of the best wrist tattoos for men. From small and simple to elaborate, these wrist tattoo ideas are timeless, stylish and amazing pieces that will take your ink to the next level.


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Old School Snake Tattoo On Mans Scalp

There are snake tattoos and then there are snake tattoos. This one is super cool and super original. True to Old School style there are bold black lines, simple shading and a simple choice of colors. But this certainly isnt your Grandpas pin-up girl tattoo. I love how the snake follows the contours of the ear and then is shadowed by the rose. The rose alone is awesome with its blood red supersaturated color and arrowhead-like leaves. Props to the artist

Beautiful And Unique Wrist Tattoos

Getting My First Tattoo In 8 Steps | I’ve Never Tried | Allure

Black and grey rose tattoo on the side wrist

In general, roses are a symbol of love, passion, purity, and romance. Like many other flower tattoos, they may have various meanings depending on the color.

Some people love rose tattoos because they resonate with the rose flower language. Some adore its beauty. Their elongated shape makes them perfect to be placed on the wrist. Whether black and grey or in colors, they bloom on the skin, and its hard to look away.

Elegant rose and name inner wrist tattoo

Dreamcatcher tattoos are not rare. But the tattooist turns the net into a compass and makes it unique. A compass tattoo represents intuition, direction, and home. Together, this tattoo is a reminder to trust ones gut and to follow the dreams.

Skull tattoo

Skull tattoos are not exclusive to men. When you tattoo a skull in detail and on a small scale, it can be a subtle representation of a womans dark aesthetics.

Golden anchor tattoo

For a person who lives away from home, family is his anchor. For children, the mother is their anchors. So if you have someone in your life that keeps you grounded, this anchor tattoo will pay tribute to them.

Beautiful whale wrist tattoo

Happiness is a choice. And this quote tattoo on the wrist may lift your spirit on a bad day.

Still here a meaningful semicolon wrist tattoo

Cute Winnie the Pooh wrist tattoo

Simple wave tattoo

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