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Right Elbow In The Golf Swing

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Maintain Proper Grip On Club

If you want to make consistent swings, you need to maintain a proper grip on your club. One of the best ways to do this is by using a good golf grip. There are many different types of grips that work for different players.

Its important to find the grip that works best for you and stick with it. You can also experiment with different grips to see which one helps you hit the ball farther and straighter. Maintaining a good grip will help you improve your golf game and achieve consistency in your swings.

With practice, you will be able to hit the ball further and straighter with every swing.

How Should Your Right Elbow In The Golf Swing Work

In this video, PGA pro Ben Emerson discusses how the right elbow in the golf swing should work

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How the right elbow in the golf swing works might not be something many people have considered, so it might surprise you to learn it can play a pivotal role in determining success. In the video and article below, PGA pro Ben Emerson discusses the different ways in which it can help you play better golf…

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Extend Your Right Arm After Impact

The last piece of the puzzle is extending your right arm after youve struck the ball.

Delivering a bent elbow right up until the point of impact stores all the necessary lag and power required to bomb the ball down the fairway, and straightening your right arm through the ball is how you release that energy.

Its important to only extend your right arm after you strike the ball, not before it as doing so too early will waste all the natural speed youve created in the swing up until that point.

A great way to practice this is by hitting shots using only your right arm and focusing on getting the shaft leaned forward and your hands in front of the ball at impact.

This will train you to clear your hips out of the way to allow the correct delivery of the club at impact.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Magic Golf Right Elbow Move Transforms Every Golf Swing

The Flying Elbow in Golf Swing

In this video, youll learn a magic move your right elbow makes that delivers incredible results in the golf swing. This is something Ben Hogan was famous for and you can do it too. It improves your ball striking and works for beginners right through to better players. Put these tips into practice today and start shooting lower golf scores.

The role of the right elbow in the backswing and downswing greatly influences how you shallow the golf club and connect with the ball. It forms a key part of all golf instruction that leads to more distance and accuracy. Start hitting it solid and play better golf faster by implementing these moves into your golf swing.


0:00 The magic right elbow position in the golf set up 1:45 Problems a poor right elbow position causes 3:10 Magic right elbow move in the golf downswing 4:40 How Cameron Smith moves high right elbow 5:10 Excellent feel in the downswing produces amazing results 6:20 Practice drill creates incredible golf downswing 7:35 Video on how to stop standing up in the downswing you must watch next




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The Right Elbowand The Golf Swing

All pictures were taken at Ocean Trails Golf Club, which is now Trump National Golf Club Los Angeles, in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

Many golfers are told that the right elbow should be in a specific position at the end of the backswing, but this isn’t necessarily true. The position of the right elbow can be vastly different depending on the swing type.

For instance, with the Ben Hogan swing, at the end of the backswing the right elbow should point down, be close to the body, and also be relatively close to the left elbow. With Jack Nicklaus’s swing, the right elbow moves up and away from the body, what is called a “flying elbow”, and there is a much wider gap between the left and right elbow. Obviously, both of these positions are correct even though they could hardly be more different.

One extremely important factor for golfers with a flying elbow is that during the transition from backswing to forward swing, the elbow has to move back inâmore toward the left elbowâquickly so as not to get stuck out and also to flatten the swing, which became steep due to the elbow going out and lifting. Good players do this, but few amateurs do because they haven’t learned to make this move and most instructors don’t teach it, or if they try, don’t teach it properly!

Ben Hogan kept his right elbow closer to his body during the backswing than just about any other golfer . This had the effect of forcing his body to do the work and helped synchronize the body and arms.

Is There One Correct Position For The Right Elbow

In no way is there one correct position for the right elbow at the top. There are several elite players who have been successful with a flying right elbow such as Nicklaus, Fred Couples and in modern times Matt Wolfe. These players were all able to quickly and efficiently externally rotate their trail arm back into position and deliver it beautifully into the impact zone. At the same time, I find that for most players it is easier to get into a good early transition position with the trail arm when it is away from the body but closer to vertical than horizontal. IF that move is natural with a flying right elbow, I do not see a need to change it. However, for most golfers, having your arms in a well-structured position at the top where they maintain their initial space can make all the difference in the world.

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Right Arm & Elbow In Golf Swing Explained For You

Right Elbow In Golf Downswing Drill – PERFECT POSITION!

There is no correct or incorrect swing in golf, but certain fundamentals are required to play consistent golf. While many beginners or even seasoned golfers thrive on hitting the ball as far as possible all day, consistency and accuracy will win 99% of any matches.

Take a look at Bryson DeChambeau as an example. He has revolutionized the modern game of late, by driving the ball phenomenal distances and attacking the green from the tee on many par 4s. But, let his timing be slightly off-key, and he will spray it all over the place.

The greatest golfer of all time Jack Nicklaus used to fly the right elbow during his swing. Jim Furyk does it his way with a big loop in the swing!


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Triangle Effect On The Golf Downswing

When the club shaft has reached this parallel position to the ground on the downswing. Lets analyze exactly what the arms look like at this critical point. Youll notice the lead or left arm at full extension being virtually perfectly straight. With the right arm notice how the right elbow has worked its way deep into the golfer right side.

The triangle effect gap you can now see between the two arms is what all the PGA superstars are trying to achieve these days to create ultimate power and control. This triangle could not be achieved if that right elbow is working more out or down the line rather than in towards the body.

How Should I Hold My Arms While Swinging

First of all, you should make sure that you keep your arms connected together at the elbow.

You can keep your arms synchronized with your torso by putting towels under your armpits. My dad taught me to do this when I was learning to play golf.

Do this and take a couple of practice swings. If the towels drop down out of your armpits, you know that you need to squeeze your arms tighter into your body to swing properly.

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Where Do Elbows Point In Golf Setup

Asked by: Tracey Stanton

In other words, have the target side elbow point in the direction you want to hit your golf ball. The trailing elbow, for right-handed golfers the right elbow, points towards the right hip. The trailing elbow does not point outward like the lead elbow. Take your normal stance.

Does Jack Nicklaus Have A Flying Right Elbow

Right Elbow Leads Golf Downswing

While the elbows play a pivotal role in the swing, there are some exceptions. Notably, the 18-time major champion Jack Nicklaus.

He has the classic flying right elbow but found a way to make it work quite well. Other players that also had this issue were Fred Couples and the long hitting John Daly.

But I doubt they would recommend this for new golfers who are working on mechanics and creating a solid foundation. Instead, try to stay as connected as possible to get the most power and accuracy from your golf swing.

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Should The Right Arm Dominate My Golf Swing

Yes, your right arm is dominant over your left arm when swinging your golf club. Your left arm is there to provide stability, but it is your right arm that guides the movement and speed of your club during the swing.

That said, your left hand will be dominant over your right hand. Because your right hand is collapsed over your left hand, your left hand will have a more secure grip on the club.

Put simply, the left arm is there for stabilization, while the right arm in your golf swing guides movement.

Right Elbow Golf Swing Drills

Its very important to establish a feel for the movement of your right elbow. At first youll be moving your right elbow a section at a time.

From the top of backswing youll be dropping your right elbow straight down.

Then the right elbow movement will continue in, towards your right hip.

From that point forward the hip and right elbow will rotate through to impact and beyond as a unit.

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Position Your Elbow In The Correct Location

You may be wondering how to position your elbow in the correct spot during your golf swing. The right elbow is a key part of the golf swing and you want to make sure that its positioned in the right place.

When positioning your elbow, keep it close to your side so that you can apply more power with your swing. To find the right spot for your elbow, practice swinging until you get comfortable with where it is located.

Once you have found the right spot, make sure to keep it there throughout your swing by using a good grip and posture. Improving your consistency will lead to improved golfing skills overall, so be patient and find the right spot for your elbow.

Unlock Your Ballstriking: The Right Arm In The Golf Swing

Right elbow tucked in golf swing

One of the reasons golf is such a fun, but frustrating sport is the sheer number of moving parts. Literally, every part of your body plays a pivotal role in ball striking on every full swing shot.

Your feet, hips, core, shoulders, arms, and hands all need to work together. Otherwise, all kinds of bad things can happen and leave you feeling frustrated throughout the day.

Dont get me wrong, no matter how good you are, dont forget its still golf.Thats why we have such a love-hate relationship with this game.

Never forget, even the best players in the world have poor ball striking days.

One big part of the total golf swing is the right arm. Chances are, you have probably asked yourself at one time or another, What should my right arm do in the golf swing?

In this post, I want to help clarify how the right arm should move throughout the swing. Well cover everything from address to followthrough to help you make better contact.

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How Does The Left Elbow Work In The Golf Swing

Keeping the left arm relatively straight during the takeaway is important for right-handed golfers. For right-handed golfers, the left arm is one of the most important aspects of the golf swing. The left arm determines the swing arc for a shot and helps release and rotate the wrists and club on the downswing.

Tuck The Right Elbow In Your Downswing

The proper movement of the right elbow on the downswing allows for so many complementary and fundamentally sound movements to occur. It allows the club to shallow and move behind the hands, which in turns promotes more rotation of the body. This makes it much easier for the hands to lead the club into impact and provide a powerful and consistent impact.

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Swing Plane: The Right Elbow Planecritical But Often Overlooked

There are 3 inclined planes often talked about in the golf swing. The , the and the elbow plane. I believe the right elbow plane is often overlooked and misunderstood. In fact, I bet if you asked most people who have taken golf lessons if they ever heard about the right elbow swinging on a plane the answer would be “no”.

The goal with every golf swing is to create a repeatable, desired ball flight. Simply put…to make the ball go where you want it to. To make this possible, you need to return the club to square and on the same plane it started on at address. That would be the original shaft plane. How the right elbow moves directly affects whether or not your club will remain on the original shaft plane. The shoulder plane does not have as much influence. For instance, you can start your shoulders back way too steep and get them off of their original plane, but find a way with your arms and hands to keep the club on it’s original shaft plane. If your right elbow moves all over the place though, the club shaft will go with it. When this happens at any point in the swing, at least one, but probably more than one manipulation will have to be manufactured to recover.

How The Right Arm Moves In The Downswing

Pin on Ben Hogan

The downswing is where many amateurs will make mistakes with their right arm and elbow but its usually a pretty obvious fix.

For a long time, I thought you had to keep your right elbow stiff and tucked into your ribcage as you started rotating your hips however, doing this will either cause you to move the club outside the swing plane , or dump it under the swing plane .

Instead, as you begin the downswing, you should allow your right arm to unfold as you turn this will let you shallow the club far more effectively, dropping it into the slot, and setting it up for an ideal impact position.

Golf pro Zach Allen explains this extremely well in the video below:

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