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Men’s Tweed Jacket With Elbow Patches

Tweed Jacket Men With Elbow Patches

Elbow Patches D.I.Y. | Coat with Lining

Mens Tweed Jacket With Elbow Patches

Irish Tweed Poets Series: Stephens Jacket

The Stephens Tweed Jacket is military in its styling. This dense hopsack weave entwines several golden earthy colors. The intricate weave on a brown base creates the perfect fit for hanging neatly off the shoulders. Every weave represents the deep connection of our contemporary design with the characteristics of Celtic Ireland. Wear this tweed jacket and you will feel luxury and elegance. We have a matching brown tweed waistcoat available as well.

James Stephenss weaved words to describe his love for Ireland. This brown tweed blazer from the Poets Collection attempts to do this with the finest of Irish Tweed whilst the beautiful print design of the inner lining leaves more beautiful traces of Ireland.

The Jacket consists of:

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