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Knee Braces For Dogs Acl

Full Guide To Buying A Dog Knee Brace

Torn ACL in Dogs: Knee Brace

Dog knee braces are a complicated product to purchase. Not only do you have to consider things like sizing and materials, you also have to make sure the support provided is enough for your dogs specific injury. In our full guide, we will go more in-depth on the different types of dog knee injuries and how knee braces can help.

Benefits Of A Knee Brace

A knee brace can provide many benefits to your dog and heal a variety of different ailments. One of the most notable injuries a dog can get is a torn ACL/CCL injury, which is a ligament injury resulting in a damaged knee. A leg brace can help to reduce pain from the tear, and in some cases, assist the injury in fully healing without the need for surgery. A veterinarian will help you determine if a leg brace is the best option for you and your pups ACL/CCL injury.

Additionally, knee braces can help reduce inflammation in the joints of dogs with arthritis, thanks to their heating and insulating powers. They also provide the support that is necessary for arthritic dogs to comfortably exercise so they can stay fit and healthy. It is an overall cost-effective way to help improve the quality of life in dogs with joint pain.

Some braces, like the Labra Dog Knee Stifle Brace Wrap, aid dogs in rehabilitating their muscles after an injury or surgery. This is an important healing step as it exercises the muscles to avoid future stiffness and muscle imbalance after the dog is healed.

Why Our Dog Knee Brace Is The Best On The Market

Our dog knee brace is designed with two unique features. First- we have a built in achilles relief channel that cushions the achilles tendon and keeps the strap on the front of the leg, reducing pressure on the tendon. This will prevent breakdown of the achilles tendon and further injury. Second-our patellar bar prevents the drawer motion which is the primary cause of a CCL tear. It cages the knee and provides stability and prevents both medial and lateral movement. We use the same materials in our dog braces that are used for making human orthotics. Your special pet will receive the highest quality device on the market.

Beauty the Bald Eagle: A poacher shot Beauty, tragically maiming her beak so that she couldnt eat by herself anymore and was dependent on hand-feeding for survival. After three years a group of volunteers made her a prosthetic beak, which allowed her to grasp food herself and eat properly again.

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Wrapping Up Our Picks On The Best Acl Brace For Dogs

We want the best for your dog with a torn CCL, so we searched for the best ACL braces for dogs on the market. To make sure you have a clear picture on which products we think are best, lets offer a quick review of our top dog knee brace choices!

Ortocanis Knee Immobilizer: This is our top pick for dogs with a torn CCL due to the impressive support it offers. This brace contains supportive splints on each side of the knee, which in turn immobilizes the knee and prevents further trauma to the area. If your dog has a complete tear of their ACL and cannot bear weight on the limb, this is the brace we recommend.

ABMOS Dog Knee Brace: This brace offers both impressive support and ease of use. Not only can you choose the best size for your dog based on unique measurements, but you can also adjust the brace velcro around the leg and the waist. This ensures a snug fit that best helps your canine friend.

Ortocanis Original Dog Knee Brace: This CCL brace is the one we suggest for optimal comfort. It might not offer complete immobilization of the knee joint, but your dog will be happy to wear it for long periods. The material is highly breathable and comfortable, but it is still thick enough to stabilize your dogs leg with each step.

What Happens To An Untreated Torn Acl On A Dog : Labra Dog Canine K9 Dual Knee Stifle Brace Wrap Metal ...

In our article, What To Do For a Dog With a Torn ACL, we discuss that some dogs may not be ACL repair surgical candidates. Perhaps finances prevent the surgery or the dog has other health conditions that make anesthesia risky. Whatever the case, there are many dogs who tear their ACL and do not have surgery.

A ligaments job is to bind the ends of bones together so the bones dont move or dislocate. If the ligament ruptures or snaps like a rubber band, the integrity of the knee joint is compromised.

Thousands of dogs rupture their ACL every year, as this is a very common issue. The ACL is located within the knee joint and acts to stabilize the femur as it rests on the tibia.

This ligament can suddenly rupture or tear or become weak as a dog ages, exercises, and engages in high-impact jumping, whether in agility or frequently from a couch, chair, or bed.

If you ignore a partial or full tear of the ACL, your dog will suffer the consequences. Aside from the pain involved, your dogs body will try to stabilize the weakened stifle with scar tissue. More scar tissue means a stiffer joint. Some dogs will not be able to bend or extend their knee properly and arthritis will set in.

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Caldera Pet Therapy Wrap Dog Knee Brace

Caldera Pet Therapy Brand is a more innovative brace complete with a patented therapy wrap that delivers hot and cold therapies at different times to the injured or sore regions. The high-quality knee brace comes out as less complicated to use.

Note that the adjustable velcro strap is very durable. These velcro straps have a adjustable quick release buckle system have been included to make it easier and straightforward to adjust and secure in place. Can work just like other custom braces with a lateral aluminum splint.

This is an ACL brace that features a therapy gel pack, which also comes with two reusable therapy gel packs, and one Large Stifle pet therapy gel pack, one large stifle wrap, a large anchor strap, and a large back boomerang strap.

Can A Dog Knee Brace Be Worn On Both Legs

It is called bilateral bracing when a dogs hind legs are braced at the same time. The probability of a dog with an ACL or CCL tear injuring their remaining knee within a year is high. A double knee brace may be necessary for a variety of reasons. By bracing and stabilizing the uninjured knee, further injury can be avoided.

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Vanvene Extra Supportive Front Leg Wrap

If you are looking for a long dog brace that covers the leg joints, we are pleased to inform you landed on the perfect page.

This dog ACL brace was meant to stabilize a dog with a torn ACL or any CCL injury. It lessens the inflammation after the ACL surgery and quickly recovers your furry friend. It also helps reinforce the hock and gain stability if your dog struggles with Arthritis, sprains, and injuries.

Moreover, it also forms a protective covering to safeguard the canine against sprains and future injuries. It also protects your pups wounds and keeps him active for the day.

It soothes the dogs muscles against joint problems. Adjustable straps provide further relaxation and adherence to keep your pup running. The vets recommend this product because of its excellence. It is also worn on the front legs like the in-hand brace.


  • Recommended by vets


  • The buyers were happy, claimed it is the best bendable knee brace and gave positive reviews about its stabilization outcome.
  • The vets recommended it because it provided greater hock support.


  • These braces could have been better with reflective strips.

Testers Verdict

After using these dog braces for torn ACL, our testers were pleased to see the dogs walking with balance. In addition, its coverage was excellent and provided greater support to the hock. Moreover, the team also said that the products popularity would have been manifold if only they had included reflective straps.

Different Knee Brace Joints:

Posh Dog Knee Brace – Small Dog ACL Brace Tutorial

There are two different joint styles used in custom stifle braces, a tamarack joint or a stainless steel pivot joint. These joints coincide with the severity of the dogs knee injury.

  • Tamarack joint a gummy, rubbery joint is a much stiffer joint. A tamarack joint is best for a complete CCL tear. The tamarack joint limits motion, allowing dogs heal a bit quicker.
  • Stainless steel pivot joint a hinged, metal joint that allows the knee to move naturally. A pivot joint is used for less severe or partial crucial tears. This style is best for when a dog needs a greater freedom of range of motion.

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Kruuse Rehab Dog Knee Brace

We know your dog is getting lame because of the continuous joint pain. This dog knee brace is exactly for your dog if it is suffering from any knee injury. This brace is elastic, and its stabilizing effect makes your dog comfortable and confident to enjoy a walk again.

An additional icing to the coffee is that no harness is necessary with the Kruuse rehab knee protector. It also heals wounds from accidents, surgery, and other arthrosis changes in the articular cartilage.

The best part is that your pup does not have to wear this hock brace for the rest of its life. It sets the musculature, and your dog is good to go without any brace.

This dog leg brace is 14 inches long, and it must pull up the dogs leg while covering the knee to function properly. The Velcro straps provide greater grip when fastened with the softer hip straps below the abdomen. It has different straps for the right and left legs.

Kruuse Rehab knee protector is ideal for the Sheltie, Cocker Spaniel, Fox Terrier, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog breeds. It has varying sizes that suit the dog well. In addition, the lightweight, snugly material never lets your dog feel burdened.


  • Kruuse rehab dog knee is deemed excellent for knee support and treating wounds.
  • The adjustable velcro straps and different right and left leg sizes were a great comfort.


  • Many dog owners reported that the strips of this dogs knee brace fell when the dog sat and was loose enough to be adjusted frequently.

Material You Need To Make A Customized Knee Brace

The neoprene dog ACL brace is designed to fit on your Dogs back leg. Neoprene is a highly washable and long-lasting synthetic rubber for a knee brace for a torn ACL. Additionally, it is pretty sturdy and flexible, allowing it to follow the motions of your dogs. It has a long lifespan. Wetsuits for skin divers are made from the same material. It is durable, scratch-resistant, and waterproof.

Nowhere on the brace is there any metal or hard plastic. Neoprene and Velcro straps make up its complete construction.

The list of materials you need to make a homemade dog knee brace is given below

1. Velcro fasteners

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Making Your Dog Comfortable

Whenever your dog is in pain from a knee injury, you can take steps to make them more comfortable throughout the day.


Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs work to reduce swelling, stiffness, joint pain, and inflammation in humans. Your vet can prescribe a dog friendly version that have these same effects, effectively taking the edge off of your pups pain. Never give your dog the human versions of NSAIDS like Ibuprofen.

Keep in mind that overuse of NSAIDs can result in kidney or liver complications in your dog. They may also cause an allergic reaction. Monitor your dog while administering these drugs and stop using/contact a vet if they show signs of distress such as labored breathing, lethargy, or vomiting.


Adding supplements to your dogs diet can help prevent further injuries and reduce the pain associated with their current injury over time. Bone and joint supplements such as this one are loaded with ingredients that work to repair and heal knee injuries.

Supplements can take several weeks before their effects start showing, so these are better for prevention, attempting to relieve pain in an arthritic dog, or healing a CCL injury over time, rather than for treating an acute muscle strain.

Your Pup Is Young Healthy And Active So Why Would You Need A Dog Acl Brace

Custom Knee Braces For Dogs

You may not right now, but picture this: its a beautiful day outside and you and your dog are having the best tail-wagging time. You throw a ball and they leap into the air, catch it and land clumsily before walking back to you.

As they get closer, you notice your dog is limping.

Dont panic! Its very common for a dog to hurt their leg and they can recover from it. Many things could cause an injury, such as a broken nail, or a sprained ACL.

Technically speaking, dogs dont have ACLs. They actually have CCLs , which connects their upper leg bone to their lower leg bone . Its extremely similar to an ACL, so much so that the CCL is commonly called an ACL.

A sprained ACL is one of the more serious leg injuries a dog can have. Thankfully, it is treatable and, with proper care and a brace, your dog will be back on their feet in no time.

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Preventing Dog Knee Injuries

Simple adjustments to your dogs daily routine can reduce the risks of your dog developing a knee injury.

Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

As we discussed , obesity is a major contributing factor in the development of ligament tears and joint erosion. Keeping your dog at a healthy weight through exercise and proper diet is one of the best ways to prevent a knee injury.

Exercise Your Dog Regularly

Regular, gentle exercise strengthens your dogs muscles and keeps them healthy. Make sure you are not allowing your dog to jump from very high distances or constantly run on very uneven ground to prevent damage to the CCL.

Understand Arthritis Signs

Being informed about the early warning signs of arthritis can help you step in and start giving your dog proper support via a or other rehabilitative activity. Arthritis can appear quickly, and without addressing the pain as soon as possible, may go past the point of tolerability by your dog, leaving them immobile and dependent on pain pills for life.

Improve The Life Of Your Pet With A Custom Knee Brace

In brief, an effective approach to stabilize your dog’s leg is using a dog knee brace. Braces, when used over the long term, are a less expensive and invasive way to rehabilitate an injured pet.

However, you might consider upgrading from a DIY dog brace to a more permanent, cost-effective, and comfy alternative for an active lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a custom knee brace for your dog, look no further than Bionic Pets! We specialize in custom braces that adapt to fit styles and medical necessities.

In Bionic Pets, our dedication to restoring mobility and enhancing the health of all animals drives us to create prosthetics of the highest quality and functionality for pets and dogs. We work with transparency and care for your furry. That’s why we ensure to inform you that not all pets are always candidates to use some of the options we offer.

Join us a give your pet a life-changing experience with our Bionic Barn: a high-quality educational tour.

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Our Knee Bracing Solutions: Dog Acl Brace / Dog Ccl Brace

If your dog has a problem with its knees, then it is most likely related to your pets ACL/CCL. The Anterior Cruciate Ligament which is called the Cranial Cruciate Ligament for dogs is a common source of knee injuries for both humans and animals.

Although CCL is the proper canine name for this ligament, you will typically hear vets refer to it as the ACL for convenience, as this is a term that is frequently used when discussing knee injuries for athletes and most people will recognize it.

The ACL/CCL is one of the ligaments that connect a persons femur with their tibia and helps keep the two bones in proper alignment during motion, i.e. walking, running, etc. However, repeated strain over time can cause damage to the ACL/CCL, causing it to rupture and leading to pain, inflammation, and further damage to the knee area.

A dog ACL brace or dog CCL brace can help control the motion of the tibia against the femur and reduce the symptoms mentioned above. A brace can be used in a situation where knee surgery is not possible , or it can be used to support recovery and rehabilitation post-surgery and allow healing to take its natural course with a reduced risk of re-injury.

By Step On How To Make A Knee Brace For Your Dog

Ortho Dog – Cruciate Care Knee Brace Demo

Homemade knee braces shouldn’t take the place of a medically diagnosed one. But if for some reason, you need to deal with an emergency or are just waiting to get a custom to stifle brace, these steps will help.

Friendly reminder: If you think your dog may need a diagnosis, the best thing to do is visit the vet. The vet can diagnose the problem and recommend the appropriate treatment for your most loyal friend.

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