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G Shock For Small Wrist

Best G Shocks For Small Wrists: Finding The Right Fit

5 Best Mens Casio G-Shock Watches For The Smaller Wrist: $50 to $400

Ah, so you are looking for G Shocks for small wrists. G-Shocks are an extremely popular model of Casio brand watches. Maybe you dont want to wear Baby G, or any other womens G Shocks that might fit. You have your reasons, but you want a standard, manly styled, mens G-Shock watch. We are here to help.

It is common knowledge that G-Shock watches tend to be quite large and bulky. These are, after all, watches designed to be tough, durable, and able to survive extreme conditions. So maybe it makes sense that they would be much larger than your typical watch. But are there smaller G-Shock watches? Are there standard mens G-Shocks out there that can fit smaller than average sized wrists?

Well fortunately, the answer to that question is a resounding yes! We have done a little bit research and come up with a list of, in our opinion, some of the best G Shocks for small wrists. We like to keep our lists pretty short and to the point. These are our top 5 picks!

Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Small Wrist Watches

A small wrist watch can be a great fashion accessory and a useful tool. It can tell you the time, of course, but it can also help you keep track of important dates and events. A small watch is also easy to wear with any outfit. Browse the top-ranked list of small wrist watches below along with associated reviews and opinions.

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    I’m only giving it a 4 instead of a 5 because it doesn’t fit my wrist. That may be because I’m a woman….Only thing is that it is too small for a men’s watch….great features, but too small

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    Product Description

    Casio Men’s Runner Eco-Friendly Digital Watch: This digital watch features LAP Memory 60 to store up to 60 records, including date, distance, lap time and split time for comprehensive fitness monitoring. The audible pace signal helps you maintain your target pace for optimal results.See all WatchesTop comment

    I’m only giving it a 4 instead of a 5 because it doesn’t fit my wrist. That may be because I’m a woman….Only thing is that it is too small for a men’s watch….great features, but too small

    See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    Casio Men’s Runner Eco-Friendly Digital Watch: This digital watch features LAP Memory 60 to store up to 60 records, including date, distance, lap time and split time for comprehensive fitness monitoring. The audible pace signal helps you maintain your target pace for optimal results.

  • Is There A Better Alternative

    There isnt necessarily a better alternative, but what if you want more tech and fitness tracking features? In that case, you have the option of Casios hybrid connected G-Shock, the more expensive $400 GBD-H1000 which has solar power and a larger screen, plus a heart rate sensor and GPS. Its a much larger and heavier watch though and does need external charging if you use the GPS regularly.

    The $195 Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR along with Fossils other Hybrid HR watch models also have a heart rate sensor, plus a clever E-Ink screen to show notifications and other information. Theyre a step up from the GBD-200 in terms of fitness tracking, but the battery life is about a week. What if you want a full touchscreen smartwatch, or a fitness band with more activity tracking, without spending more than $150? The Amazfit GTR 2e is our recommendation, or you can spend around $60 or less and get the Honor Band 6, Xiaomi Mi Band 6, or Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 fitness band.

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    How To Measure Your Wrist

    If you have a flexible measuring tape around, use it.

    Wrap it around your wrist where you expect your watch will live.

    You can use a dollar bill or strip of paper in a pinch. Wrap it around your wrist, and then use a marker to mark the point where the ends of the paper touch. Lay the paper flat next to a ruler to compare and take your measurement from there. There is also a printable measuring tape you can find and use online.

    Youll know youve found the most flattering and best fitting watch when you find one that fits snugly enough that it doesnt slide around without being so tight as to press too deeply into your skin. It will feel comfortable, and you will feel fabulous wearing it. If your hand starts to go numb, thats a sign that you should look for a longer band.

    Best G Shock Watches For Small Wrists

    The 8 Best Casio G

    Casio G-Shock watches are great, but they are often very large. In fact, they are known for being shock-resistance, oversized and therefore, people with slim wrists often get left behind.

    That is why in this post I want to highlight the best Casio G-Shocks for small wrists, to help you find the pefect G-Shock without having to hunt through all the specs!

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    Wrist Shots Of The Smaller G

    G-Shock Japan released some wrist shots of the new G-STEEL 300 Series, which is 90% the size of the original G-STEEL 100 Series. These watches are suitable for those with smaller wrists or those who prefer a more traditional size rather than the extra-large style.

    The G-STEEL 300 Series watches feature an analog-digital design with stainless steel bodies, a dual-layer bezel structure, and Tough Solar power. There are five models for international release, three of which will be released in the U.S. in July 2017. The Japanese domestic market releases also have Multi-Band 6 timekeeping .

    The silver and black GST-W300-1AJF has a resin bezel and resin band

    The blue and black GST-W300G-1A2JF has a blue IP body, resin bezel, and resin band.

    The silver GST-W310D-1AJF has a stainless steel bezel and stainless steel band

    The black and gold GST-W300G-1A9JF has a gold IP body, resin bezel, and resin band

    See more photos of the G-STEEL 300 Series at .

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    Casio Women’s Baby G Bgd140

    Don’t worry that the Baby G is sold only to women, these watches have all the durability and credibility of their full-size G-Shock, but with up to 13mm less diameter.

    This Baby-G has a black resin case and a black resin strap, which is equally suitable for men with small wrists.

    It features 200-meter water resistance, perpetual calendar, stopwatch, chronograph, world time, multi-function alarm clock, and all the other features a full-size G-Shock has to offer.

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    Why I Like Smaller G

    When you read the forums online, people have different opinions on G-Shock sizes.

    • Some say that any G-Shock will look good on your wrist, no matter how big, because that’s just how they’re supposed to look. And there is some truth to that statement.
    • Others say that smaller G-Shocks are better for small wrists – like all other watches.

    Personally, I prefer smaller G-Shocks and here are 3 reasons why.

    First off, I like comfort. Since I wear my G-Shock daily and not only outdoors, and I need to be able to tuck it under my shirt sleeve. And that’s nearly impossible to do with oversized XL G-Shocks – they’re just not made for it.

    Second, I don’t like “flashy” watches and prefer to have something more humble sitting on my wrist. Because if you’re wearing that huuuuge oversized Mudmaster GG-1000 on your wrist, the first thing that happens when you walk into a room everyone is going to look at your watch. And that’s not the effect that I’m looking for.

    Finally, small G-Shocks are just as tough as their bigger counterparts. The basic features cover most of my needs, and they’re all waterproof to 200 meters. Bottom line is that I’m not losing out on durability by going for the smaller watch.

    The Final Word: Dont Dismiss Large G

    Top 10 G-Shock watch for small wrist | LESS THAN 100 USD

    What’s great about G-Shocks is that even the cheapest, smallest models are still tough like nails.

    With that being said, you shouldn’t dismiss large G-Shocks just because of their size. Especially if you need top of the line features like compass or thermometer that you won’t find on smaller models. Those only come on Twin Sensor and Triple Sensor G-Shock and Pro Trek models.

    Or if you want vibration alarm, you’ll have to go with the relatively large G-Shock GD-350 to get it.

    While they might not fit under your shirt sleeve, the good thing about large G-Shocks is that the normal “watch size rules” don’t apply to them.

    This is because of the extra resin that Casio adds to the back of the watch. Larger G-Shocks are comfortable even on smaller wrists. The resin “folds” around your wrist when you’re wearing the watch, unlike what you get with normal watches.

    Which is why larger watches like Mudmaster GG-1000 or Rangeman GW-9400 are necessarily too big for smaller wrists. You’ll get used to the larger size over time.

    It’s nice to step out of your comfort zone from time to time, but you should never wear a watch that you’re not comfortable with.

    Why do you like about smaller G-Shocks? Share in the comments below!

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    Casio Tough Solar Watch Gw

    Now for a G-Shock of a different feather. You wont find the GW-S5600 on the shelf at your local Walmart. That is unless youre frequenting a Walmart in Japan.

    This beauty is a JDM release, and it was never officially for sale in the U.S. It will definitely earn you some street cred with the G-Shock crowd.

    Lets start with the dimensions before we get into the really interesting stuff. The GW-S5600 has a similar classic square G-Shock design the like DW-5600, but with different measurements.

    This models case measures 43.2 millimeters across and 46.7 millimeters from end to end, giving this piece an even more square look. And at 12.7, its not too chunky for everyday wear.

    From a distance, the only thing that might tip the GW-S5600s hand is its sheen this things shiny. And its for two good reasons:

    The strap is gel-coated carbon fiber, and the case itself is painted titanium. As a result, this watch weighs just 44 grams. Otherwise, it looks just like a standard G-Shock.

    Beyond the unique materials, the GW-S5600 features the same 200 meters of water resistance, multi-function alarm, backlight, 12 and 24-hour format, a beeping hourly indicator, and other standard features.

    But, it also features G-Shocks Tough Solar system and nightly atomic clock syncing for long-term and accurate use.

    How To Find The Best G

    Case Diameter

    Firstly, youll want to consider the diameter of the watchs case. That is the measurement of the watch horizontally across the watchs face. Generally, youll find case diameters ranging from 38mm to 46mm. Heres a guide:

    Look at your wrist measurement.

    • 5.5 7 inches: Your watch should have a diameter of 38mm, 40mm, or 42mm.
    • Seven inches or larger: Consider a diameter of 44-46mm.

    Depth of the Case

    Consider the diameter first and foremost. The case diameter and depth should be in proportion with each other. In other words, the thickness of the case increases in size with the diameter of the case. If the thickness is in proportion to the diameter, the watch wont feel bulky or overwhelming. As an example, a 38mm to 42mm watch will be approximately 7mm thick, and watches with diameters of 44mm or more are usually around 9mm thick.

    Band Width and Length

    The next thing youll look at is the width of the band. You want a watch with a band that is in proportion with the case. A general rule of thumb is that the width of the band is half of the case diameter. For example, if the watch you are scoping has a 44mm case, look for a band with a width of 22mm. If you are not shopping for an adjustable band, youll need to be sure that the length matches your size exactly. See below for details on how to correctly measure your wrist so youll be able to get the best fit.

    Watch Band Material

    Other Details

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    How Soon Will I Get My Refund

    Once your returned item is received and inspected, you will be notified via an email. You will also be informed about the approval or rejection of your refund request. If approved, the refund request will be processed within 5 – 7 working days after approval. Free/Gift with purchase items not included inside your return shipment will have their value deducted from your return total.

    Gshock For Small Wrists

    List of G

    GMA-S140-8AER. Advertised as a womans GSHOCK but frankly I didnt care. I like the colours and the smaller size looks much more appropriate for my wrists. Regular size GSHOCKs just look silly on me.

    It looks great! I also have small wrists and I understand how you feel, but I also don’t mind the large sizes even if it looks a little bulky on me sometimes.

    squares do it for me, also like the cleaner look overall more

    Love the squares just haven’t picked one up yet.

    If youre into smaller Gs, check out the AWGM100B-1A, Im usually good with a 42mm watch at most and its surprisingly small for a g-shock. There have been at least two recent posts about it on this sub but pictures dont do it justice.

    It was my first G and I really like it. Also, its solar and radio controlled so a huge plus!

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    Casio Womens Baby G Bgd140

    Dont get hung up on the fact that Baby Gs are marketed at women, guys. These watches have all the durability and credibility of their full-size G-Shock brethren but often up to 13 millimeters less in diameter.

    Imagine: A G-Shock with the same diameter as an SKX. Oh, the possibilities.

    The BGD140-1ACR is an affordable, capable watch in a compact package. Measuring just 42 millimeters across the dial and just over 46 millimeters from lug to lug, it looks at home on almost any wrist.

    This Baby-G has a black resin case and a black resin strap, and neither one seems feminine in any way.

    Now for the fun stuff: The Baby G doesnt sacrifice much, other than a few millimeters across the dial.

    It has a 200-meter water resistance, a perpetual calendar, a stopwatch, a timer, world time, multifunctional alarms, and all the other tricks that full-size G-Shocks offer. Other than the marketing campaign, there isnt much to dislike about this watch.

    Should People With Small Wrists Buy A G

    Yes, people with small wrists should buy a Casio G-Shock watch. After all, why should people with big wrists have all the fun?

    G-Shock watches are known for their rugged and tough build quality. And if you are in need of such a watch then opting for G-Shock definitely makes sense. However, the big and bulkier G-Shock watches might not fit your wrist size or may not look as good after wearing them. So the main thing to note here is the case size. If you choose a G-Shock watch with a smaller case size then you are good to go. And I hope I was able to give you enough options in this article to choose from. If you like any of the above-mentioned watches then you can go ahead and buy them. And do not forget to let us know about the same in the comments. below.

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    How Long Will It Last

    The GBD-200 meets G-Shocks usual toughness standards, so its shock and vibration proof and is water-resistant to 200 meters. The resin body is very durable, and the urethane strap is very securely attached to the case, plus its strong and flexible. The battery can be replaced either by yourself if you have the tools and the knowledge to make sure the water resistance is retained, or by taking the watch to a specialist. The G-Shock GBD-200 will last for years without a problem, even if you dont treat it very nicely.

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