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Dryer Vent Elbow Low Profile

Builders Best 10151 Dryer Vent Close Elbow

Venting a Dryer: How to Properly Install a Dryer Vent | The Home Depot

The Builders Best 10151 Close Elbow is one of the high-performance close elbows for dryer venting. This elbow is a very versatile air appliance on the market.

Before we go further, wed like to introduce you to Builders. Builders is a high-performance manufacturer of air appliances and venting solutions. They almost grabbed the hearts of the consumers with their close elbows.

This flexible dryer vent elbow turns 90 degrees within 4 inches. The elbow offers an excellent fix with a male rotating snap-lock fitting and a female rotating snap-lock fitting that effectively reduces air friction. This is an ideal close elbow for dryer vents.

  • It completely protects air licking.
  • Effortless repair procedure.
  • The listing details claim this is flame-resistant steel, but its not. Its made of aluminum.

Clothes Dryer Exhaust Vent Routing Options

Get the Clothes Dryer Moisture & Lint Outside of the Building.

Every manufacturer’s clothes dryer vent fan installation guide that we reviewed emphasized: make sure that the vent ducting carries moist air all the way outside of the building.

The preferred or most-recommended dryer vent routing is shown above, adapted from Whirlpool dryer vent instructions cited in detail below.

Our sketches shown here, adapted from Whirlpool clothes dryer installation recommendations cited at the end of this article, show typical clothes dryer vent routing options including a special provision for routing the dryer exhaust outside through a crawl space below a mobile home.

In some areas where winter air is very dry homeowners may choose to temporarily spill dryer vent air directly into the building interior in order to try to raise the indoor humidity level. This approach violates manufacturer instructions and is unsafe. Do not spill the laundry vent air directly into the building attic or roof cavity, basement, crawl space, or other hidden building interior areas.

Doing so will lead to moisture condensation on building surfaces, wet, damaged, moldy building insulation, wet building framing members, wall, floor or roof sheathing. In these locations spilling laundry dryer vent moisture will certainly encourage mold growth.

And Cranor points out that spilling dryer vent products into the building can be a dangerous carbon monoxide hazard as well, at least for gas-powered clothes dryers.

From An Underground Basement

  • If your dryer is in the basement and the basement is underground, run duct up the exterior wall and out the rim joist.
  • Set the vent a minimum of 12 inches above the outside ground.
  • Pro tip: Use no more than 25 feet. of 4-inch duct, and subtract 5 feet for every 90-degree turn and 2 1/2 feet for every 45-degree turn for dryer vent installation. For example, a dryer with a 90-degree elbow at the exhaust port and another at the top of the basement wall can run a maximum of 15 feet.

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How Are Graduation Rates Collected And Calculated

Graduation rates are calculated and reported annually by colleges using ministry guidelines. College reports are compiled by the ministry to calculate a provincial level graduation rate.

The graduation rate is based on tracking individual students who entered a program in a given semester and assessing how many of those individuals completed the program a number of years later.

The completion time frame is based on approximately 200 per cent of the normal program duration, or seven years for Degrees in Applied Areas of Study. For example, the 2015 to 16 KPI Graduation Rate is based on students who started one-year programs in 2013 to 14, two-year programs in 2011 to 12, three-year programs in 2009 to 10 and four-year programs in 2008 to 09, and who had graduated by 2014 to 15.

Clothes Dryers That Vent Into The Crawl Space

Dryer Vent Elbow

Our second clothes dryer vent exhaust mistake is shown above: the installer hung the vent opening at the crawl space vent screen.

Not only did lint clog the crawl space vent, but most of the damp dryer exhaust air soon was being spilled into the crawl space ceiling.

Special provisions for dryer venting in mobile homes

Above: a clothes dryer exhaust vent installed in a mobile home can be vented down through the crawl space and outside through the skirting wall, but must never be vented to terminate right in the crawl space.

Exhaust vent must be securely fastened to a noncombustible portion of mobile home and must not terminate beneath the mobile home. Terminate exhaust vent outside.

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Choices Of Clothes Dryer Exhaust System Duct Material & Size

Flex-duct: plastic & wire flexible dryer vent duct , a coil of spring wire covered with a thin, usually white, plastic. Although we have observed this material widely used in homes as “dryer vent ducting” it should not be used for that purpose.Cranor elaborates: “Plastic” dryer duct” sold at various suppliers does not say on the packaging that it can be used for clothes dryer ducts….it specifically says bathroom venting.

Plastic duct is not a UL approved dryer duct material, not code approved and its use will void any dryer manufacturer warranty.” What’s wrong with using this material at a clothes dryer? It is not safe, not durable, and not effective.

Here are other clothes dryer vent materials we have encountered:

  • Flex duct: mylar covered wire-ribbed plastic flex duct , a product nearly identical to the flex duct described above, but more tear resistant. This material too is easily crushed, as you can see in our photo. And like the plastic flexible “duct vent” material described above, the spiraling wire-supported surface of this duct clogs rapidly with lint. This dryer duct option is not recommended.
  • Flex duct: semi-rigid metal flexible dryer duct, made of aluminum or steel
  • Solid metal rigid dryer duct, aluminum functional, modest cost, easy to handle, but requires use of elbows to make bends handled by flex duct installations. Smooth surfaces of solid metal duct work slow lint accumulation.

Are Similar Data Collected For Ontario Universities

Both college and university sectors collect and publish information through the Key Performance Indicator initiative. However, the timing and methodologies differ, such that direct comparisons between sectors should be interpreted with caution.

For college sector survey methodology, please see: How is the survey information collected?

KPIas the percentage of graduates in the labour force who are employed during the reference week, where labour force is defined as those employed, those not employed but looking for a job or those not employed but had accepted a job to start shortly.

Please refer to the table below for a comparison of college and university KPIs. Please note that universities define the graduate employment rate

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Benefits Of Keeping Your Dryer Duct Clean

Have you ever thought about how many times you use your dryer each years. A study done by Proctor & Gamble reports that the average household does 600 loads of laundry each year. Thats a lot of dirty clothes and towels that were washing and drying. While youre throwing your laundry into the dryer, how much thought are you giving to cleaning your dryer vent? Many of us use our dryers regularly without thinking of the possible risks associated with a plugged dryer duct.

Advantages Of Using Metal Dryer Vent Vent Duct Material

DRYER VENT FIX. No more crushed hoses or clogged caps!

Watch out: Use rigid or semi-rigid metal dryer vent material : Virtually all independent authorities, including the US CPSC, Underwriters Laboratories, and the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, and experienced home inspectors such as Cranor all recommend the use of rigid or semi-rigid metal ducting for clothes dryer exhaust venting.

And we prefer rigid, solid metal dryer vent ducting wherever possible. An acceptable alternative that is nearly as effective is semi-rigid metal duct work, though we have found that that material is easily dented, crushed, or damaged.

Metal ducts, having a smooth interior surface provide these advantages when used on clothes dryer systems:

    • provide better air flow, smoother internal surface,
    • slower accumulation of lint debris inside the duct system
    • reduce dryer time and operating costs,
    • are more fire safe,
    • are less easily punctured and leaky,
    • won’t sag due to weight of accumulating moisture or lint, and
    • are easier to clean.

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How Can I Use The Information

Things to think about:

  • For an individual program, have the results improved over time or become worse? If you are viewing multiple programs, then you can see this better by deselecting some of the programs under the ‘Show/hide’ option on the ‘Compare programs’ page.
  • How do the results of one program compare with those of another program? How well do they compare with the college system results overall, or another selected benchmark see: How do I use the benchmark selector? In ‘Graph view,’ you can mouse over individual data points to display data. In ‘Table view,’ you can click column headings to sort.
  • Was there a large population of respondents available to answer the survey questions?
  • Was there a strong response rate?
  • Is the displayed information important to you?

Things to remember:

  • The events reported here have already occurred and do not predict what will happen in future.
  • An individual’s employment situation may change over the course of his or her career. Employment outcomes reported here are from graduates at six months after graduation.
  • Many factors, including economic conditions, have contributed to the results.
  • The results should be interpreted with caution, especially where there were few respondents and/or low response rates.

How Is The Survey Information Collected

The most recent five years of results for two annual surveys are summarized here: the Ontario Student Satisfaction Survey and the Ontario Graduate Outcomes Survey. Additionally, the five most recent years of graduation rates are provided. These data collections are conducted through the Key Performance Indicator initiative as a partnership between the colleges and the ministry.

Student Satisfaction Survey

Who is surveyed?

Eligible college students are those enrolled in full-time postsecondary programs of instruction approved for funding through the general purpose operating grant or are enrolled in Co-op Diploma Apprenticeship programs of instruction approved for funding through CODA contracts, except for students who are:

  • registered in their first semester of their program of instruction or
  • have been given advanced standing and are in the program of instruction for the first time or
  • registered as part-time students and are NOT pursuing a certificate or diploma.

How is the survey conducted?

During classroom time, students fill out an anonymous paper survey. Survey data are compiled by a third party service provider. Completing the survey is voluntary.

What does the Student Satisfaction rate indicate?

What time of year is the survey conducted?

The main survey window is a two-week period in February of each year.

Have there been any changes to the survey questions since reporting year 2007-2008?

Graduate Outcomes Survey

Who is surveyed?

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Smart Choice 90 Degree Close Elbow

Smart choice. A 90-degree elbow dryer vent is a helpful thing for connecting your dryer duct. The elbow is made of galvanized steel. It has two close elbows, two snap-lock fittings, and rotating collars that help you fix it with the vents and walls.

It gives a good finish, even if its a very small place to hook the elbow. This accessory can also be rotated 90 degrees in 4 1/2 inches.

Sometimes it seems complicated to complete the installation process when you have a limited space where the vent must turn 90 degrees. You can use this tool anytime you need a good fix in a small space.

  • The hose is so tiny compared to the diameter.
  • The cuff is not a good fit for all the dryers.

Ducting Pipe 90 Degree Dryer Vent Hose Elbow

Aluminum Dryer Vent Elbow, Fully Adjustable, 4" , Silver (DE904), 4 ...

Its a 4-inch round tube bend connector made with plastic and polyvinyl chloride, designed to be used in rectangular or round system plastic air ducts. This is a good fit for small living or office spaces where the ventilation system is mostly located under a suspended ceiling.

You can use this bend connector for different turning angles, horizontal or vertical places. This 4-inch connector needs just a small push to fit in ducts and gives a smooth finish.

This elbow will provide you with multiple applications that you can use in different air duct systems and dryer ducts.

  • You may have to cut some slots if you face any issues with fixing it properly.

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Serious Protection Against Pests

The Defenders patented design provides an easy to clean barrier to keep nesting birds and other uninvited guests out of exhaust systems. Teeth that can easily gnaw through screens and plastic are no match for zinc coated steel that is also powder coated. The Defender stands up to pests and the elements for long lasting protection.

Provides an Extra Layer of Weather ProtectionMinimizes Lint Buildup with Vertical BarsDeters Bird and Squirrel EntryHelps Hide Unsightly Vents

For serious protection, the Defender keeps common pests from building nests while allowing lint to pass through easier.

Clothes Dryer Vent Line Installation & Elbows

For optimum clothes dryer venting we use 4″ or larger galvanized metal duct sections and elbows, though aluminum is also acceptable in most locations.Flexible clothes dryer is easy to install, avoids having to mess with elbows in the duct system, and is inexpensive, but that material restricts air flow and may sag, giving you areas that collect water and risk leaking into the building.

Our dryer vent installation photos just below illustrate use of 4″ galvanized metal dryer ducts.

Above you can see that we had to use a pair of elbows to lift the dryer vent duct into the building ceiling cavity.

The dryer vent joints are secured with foil tape.

Watch out: some manufacturers recommend against using sheet metal screws to secure dryer duct sections because the screws collect lint. Also if you have ever tried reaching into a dryer exhaust duct to clean it by hand and had your arm ripped open by the SMS screw you may have another objection.

At above right our second dryer vent duct photo illustrates passage of the duct through the rim joist.

Notice that we carefully caulked this opening both inside and outside the wall .

This duct section can be inspected and if necessary cleaned by removing the outside vent cover. Photos courtesy of Eric Galow, Galow Homes.

Connect the flexduct to the fan itself using plastic ties, or second best, duct tape. Keep all connections tight and avoid air leaks.

Maximum clothes dryer duct length & number of bends or elbows:

Note: Fantech notes that

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Clothes Dryer Vent Up Through Roof

Avoid through-roof dryer vent exits: Our photo shows a typical attempt at venting a upper floor clothes dryer through the attic and into a ridge vent – this direction of vent exit may seem convenient but we don’t like it much. In the photo the droopy flex-duct will certainly invite clothes dryer moisture to condense and run back to the home’s ceiling rather than exiting at the ridge.

The through-roof vent approach gives us another roof penetration, a possible leak spot, and it almost assures that condensing moisture will drip down the vent duct and into the building ceiling. Additional roof top dryer vent photos below illustrate a vent that became lint clogged and that was snow-covered in winter.


Ziggurat Dryer Duct Connector Stv

How To Clean Your Dryer Vent Line – Ace Hardware

The Ziggurat dryer duct connector is another connector that you are going to love soon. The Ziggurat 90-degree elbow is one of the most recognized dryer connectors on the market right now.

The STV-90 has a dimension of 6.25 x 4.5 x 5.5 inches. It fits into any type of 4-inch vent ducting. It doesnt matter whether the vent is beveled or straight you can buy this dryer connector without thinking much.

Also, the silicon seal ring offers an airtight dryer connection that helps the dryer work efficiently and use less energy. This plastic dryer duct connector includes a patented technology that makes installing dryers easier.

The snap-to-vent 90 elbow protects against smashed hoses from pushing the dryer machine back too far. You need no additional tools to install it just place the seal ring and plug properly.

  • Its a little sensitive elbow, dont put much pressure on it.

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How Are The Calculations Used Here Different From Those In Earlier Editions Of The Employment Profile

The conversion of the Employment Profile to an interactive website was taken as an opportunity to address some inconsistencies within the document, bring the calculations closer to those used for the Key Performance Indicators, and render the information more useful.

Organization of the program data

Employment Profile results have consistently been provided at the program level. Recent years have seen an increase in the range of program delivery methods. In some instances, this has resulted in very similar programs being split up and presented as different programs. On this site, where we know that this has occurred, we have presented such programs according to the natural group of very similar vocational learning outcomes.

Survey response rate

An online version of the Graduate Outcomes Survey was made available on a pilot basis to those graduates who were not reached through the standard telephone survey. In the early versions of the pilot, these respondents were excluded from the Employment Profile. In later editions, online respondents were included. On this site, no distinction is made between telephone and online respondents in any year.

Employment rate

How To Use This Site

Use the search and compare functions to check out what students have studied at Ontario’s Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology and what they did after graduation.

This FAQ section answers common questions, and the glossary on the sidebar explains terms and details about the student, graduate and employer surveys, as well as the graduation rate.

The provincial summary on the sidebar provides downloadable tables of summary results for various data elements contained in this website.

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