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Dog Elbow Pads For Pressure Sores

Canine Angels To The Rescue

UT veterinarian shows a low-cost way to help ease your dog’s elbow pressure sore pain

Made in Michigan by pet parent Mary Strauss, the Canine Elbow Protective Sleeve by Canine Angels can

  • Provide comfort and protection for dog wounds, callus dermatitis, hygroma, soreness and bleeding.
  • Velcro straps are easily adjusted to the comfort of tour dog.
  • Slips on in seconds.
  • Machine Washable.
  • Protective elbow sleeves are durable and resistant to dirt or water damage.

Mary recently sent us a pair to try on Tripawds Spokesdog Wyatt Ray, a rear-leg amputee who has a slowly developing hygroma on both his rear hock and his front right elbow.

Wyatt is very good about allowing us to try new gear on him. He was a little hesitant when we presented this odd looking device to him, but gradually warmed up to it thanks to the help of treats.

At first we had them adjusted so tight that he couldnt walk!

But once we learned how to create a good fit, he accepted them. Now he wasnt thrilled but he also didnt panic either.

In time, were certain that Wyatt will be comfortable in his sleeves. With Marys enclosed helpful hints to introduce dogs to the sleeves Im sure that hell feel a little better about using them if his hygromas grow in size.

Some dogs require a slow introduction of a few minutes or even seconds each day. As Mary says, It takes time for new puppies and older dogs to adjust to new things, especially when you are going to make them wear the object. Lots of praise and attention IS always NEEDED. Remember you are helping them, not hurting them.

Recovery Of Pressure Sores In Dogs

The recovery time for pressure sores depends on the severity of the ulcer. Some sores are able to heal in four to six weeks, whereas sores that require surgical intervention may take longer to fully heal.

Prevention is key when caring for a dog prone to pressure sores. Here are a few ways you can prevent future pressure sores in incapacitated dogs:

  • Reposition your dog every 2 hours.
  • Invest in a quality memory foam bed.
  • Keep Fido dry with absorbent pads, especially if they have urinary incontinence.
  • If your dog has bowel incontinence, clean them and their bedding right after a bowel movement.
  • Perform passive exercises with the dog.
  • Massage the affected area to stimulate blood flow.
  • Feed your pet a well-balanced diet.
  • Take your dog to the vet at the first sign of a pressure sore.

With prompt veterinary treatment and consistent home support, pressure sores are curable. Pet parents of dogs prone to pressure sores related to immobility should consider their dogs quality of life. Chronic pressure sores can be very painful for dogs and further limit mobility. Some vets suggest euthanasia for immobile dogs who frequently develop pressure sores.

Pressure sores can be expensive to treat. If you suspect your dog has pressure sores or is at risk, start searching for pet insurance today. Brought to you by Pet Insurer, Wag! Wellness lets pet parents compare insurance plans from leading companies like PetPlan and Embrace. Find the pawfect plan for your pet in just a few clicks!

Mckesson Elbow Protector Pads By Mckesson

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Get Your Dog Back On Their Feet

Support your dog with a lifting harness by helping them to stand or gently lower themselves to the ground. Slings and lifting harnesses are designed to support your pet and can be used to lift the full body or just the rear or front end. Lifting harnesses are a quick, easy way to get your dog back on their feet and can help make potty breaks a breeze. And they are also a great way to get your dog upright and moving again!

Which Dogs Are Prone To Pressure Sores

Adjustable K

The sort of skin ulcers that are analogous to human bed sores can happen in any dog who spends long periods of time lying down. Dogs who could be more likely to have ulcers form include:

  • Senior dogsOlder dogs or those who are less active tend to lose muscle mass, which means they have less padding around bony prominences.
  • Dogs recovering from surgery or illnessBeing unable or unwilling to move due to pain or injury makes them likely to stay in one position.
  • Paralyzed dogsDogs with IVDD, spinal stroke in dogs, or other causes of paralysis may be unable to reposition themselves effectively.
  • Large breed dogsThe extra weight puts more pressure on their skin.
  • Dogs with orthopedic issuesOsteoarthritis in dogs, hip dysplasia in dogs, or other painful conditions may cause a dog to be reluctant to change positions.

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Repair Is The Third Stage Of Wound Healing

In a healthy wound, cells begin to grow and rebuild missing and damaged tissues.

Small blood vessels develop to deliver blood supply to the wound.

Skin cells then migrate, and scabs form within hours of the initial wound.

These skin, or epithelial, cells can cover a properly closed surgical incision within 48 hours.

In an open wound, the creation of granulation tissue takes longer.

Kruuse Dog Elbow Protector

Customer Question:

Can the Kruuse Dog Elbow Protector help with a small hygroma and to prevent another one on the other elbow? Weve got padded bedding but just wanted to help in anyway we could. Thanks.


The Kruuse Elbow Protectors are too light and thin for hygromas, your dog would be better with the Balto Soft Dog Elbow Protector which has more padding. These Elbow Protectors work in pairs and also singles. You can start by purchasing one elbow and if your dog gets a hygroma the other side, you buy a second elbow protector.

Make sure to also have a very padded thick bed so they can’t feel the floor.


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Rotate And Reposition Your Dog

Try not to let the dog rest on the hip bone on one side for very long, reposition your pet every 2-3 hours. Its recommended to keep weight off the pressure sore until it is fully healed. Even healed, the skin at will be significantly weaker than normal and close inspection of the area and supervision of the animal is warranted.

Recovering from a skin ulcer takes time and depending on the severity, it can take anywhere from several weeks to several months to heal.

Consider The Benefits Of Improved Nutrition

Dog Sore Elbow, Calluses and Hygroma Solution [DogLeggs Review]

I have heard two different perspectives with respect to diet affecting the development of dog elbow calluses. One that said diet is everything, the other that said diet made no difference.

Heres what I say. As I stated in my post What To Do About Dog Food? First, Let Go Of The Guilt!, I am on a nutritional journey of sorts with Junior and Sulley, slowly transitioning them to a raw diet.

Do I think that will magically make their elbow calluses disappear? Not in the least.

But what I do believe is that a more species-appropriate diet is better for their health overall. Because of that, I cant help but think a better diet might help the healing process from the inside out.

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Keep Incontinent Pets Dry

Frequently change diapers and male wraps. Extended wear of a wet diaper can lead to irritated skin, urine burns and ulcers forming. For overnight incontinent pets can rest on the SleePee Time Bed, which allows urine to pass freely through its mesh bed to a separate collection try underneath. This will keep your pet dry and comfortable all night long.

Of A Large Callus On My Dog’s Elbow

A callus on my dog’s elbow. A callus can be painful and bleedhis was dry and cracked.


The calluses your dog can develop can not only get painful, but they can also easily become a serious condition. My Golden Retriever was seven years old and this is my story about how his calluses hurt, bled, and quickly became unmanageable. It breaks my heart to know that I wasn’t knowledgeable enough to understand how they could turn into such a nightmare. Pay attention to your dog, he will let you know if something is hurting. I’ll offer some tips on how to prevent the issue in the first place.

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Dogleggs Helps Protect Elbow Sores

For those folks who arent so crafty, the DogLeggs company makes veterinarian-recommended elbow pad protectors for amputee dogs.

According to company representatives, a brand new re-design of the DogLeggs product for amputees has just been completed and now DogLeggs fit front leg Tripawds better than ever,

DogLeggs has a helpful web page about hygromas in dogs. The companys elbow protector product can be worn 24/7 or just while laying down, until the pressure sore is healed. Its made in the USA with washable, breathable fabric thats comfortable for your dog to wear.

DogLeggs are one of the fastest ways to help your Tripawds elbow sore heal, however pawrents are advised to keep it on three weeks after the sore is healed to ensure that the hygroma wont return.

Ortocanis Canine Elbow Pad/orthosis


Ortocanis Canine Elbow Pad/Orthosis The Ortocanis Canine Elbow Orthosis is a dual , externally applied device, designed to control biomechanical alignment, correct or accommodate deformity and protect and support an injury. It is a support which can improve the mobility of dogs that suffer with Arthritic and Osteoarthritic conditions. This brace is used for the treatment of Hygromas, Bursitis, Calluses, Decubitus Ulcers , Elbow Dysplasia, Osteoarthritis, Swelling and Limps , both as a preventative measure or recovery following surgery/treatment. The extra thick, support pad protects the foreleg from impacts, reduces pain, softens Calluses and improves movement. Sizing is determined by measuring the circumference around the point of the dog’s elbows Sizes:

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What Is A Hygroma

Hygromas are nearly the opposite of pressure sores. They begin in the same way as a decubitus ulcer, but instead of the skin breaking down, the tissues around bony areas swell and fill with fluid.

The swelling of a hygroma isnt painful and if its caught early your vet can treat it by aspirating the area with a needle and releasing the fluid.

Some hygromas are more serious and can become infected. They require more advanced drainage techniques or surgery. When a hygroma grows very large or becomes infected drainage tubes are inserted into the area to decrease the fluid buildup.

Other hygromas develop an abscess or sore on top. These require surgery to remove the bad skin and grafts to reconstruct the area with healthy skin. Untreated hygromas can be life-threatening.

Treatment Of Pressure Sores In Dogs

Treatment of pressure sores depends on the wound severity. Here are some of the most common treatments vets prescribe for dogs with pressure sores.

Home-based care

Stage 1 ulcers may improve with padding, regular repositioning of the dog, and a quality moisture-wicking dog bed. Vets may instruct pet parents to regularly apply moist dressings to open pressure sores.

It may take a few weeks of home-based care for ulcers to show improvement, and there’s always a chance that the wound could worsen, especially if pet parents arent consistent in repositioning and bed changes .


Antibiotics may be necessary if the wound is infected or at risk of becoming infected. Antibiotics have minimal risks and a high success rate when used early on.

Broad-spectrum antibiotics work in one of two ways: by damaging essential structures within the bacteria or inhibiting the bacteria from replicating. Side effects from antibiotics are generally mild. Still, vets must use antibiotics cautiously since overuse of antibiotics can lead to antibiotic-resistant infections, which are much harder to treat.


More advanced pressure sores may require a technique called debridement. Vets use two main types of debridement: surgical debridement and mechanical debridement.

Surgical debridement involves using surgical tools to scrape away the dead tissue and promote healing.

Worried about the cost of Pressure Sores In Dogs treatment?

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Provide Supremely Supportive Surfaces For Your Dog To Lay On

I have two Big Barker Premium Dog Beds which I believe are worth their weight in gold. While Junior and Sulley prefer to sprawl out on the tile floor during the day when it is hot, at night, and in the cooler months, they love to snuggle on their Big Barker!

And to keep them up off the concrete outside, I have a Kuranda Dog Bed which I LOVE. It is lightweight, super easy to clean, and chew-proof. I have had ours sitting outside in the AZ heat for several years and it still looks brand new.

And, while support is key, it is not everything when it comes to dog elbow calluses.

Keep in mind that FRICTION can also be a huge contributor to the development of calluses due to the constant rubbing against the skin. Naturally, I learned that little tidbit from Dawg Business: A Note On Elbow Calluses 3 weeks into my trial.

For the last three weeks, I had been gating the dogs in our carpeted bedroom so that Sulley and Junior would sleep on the carpet rather than having the option to lay on the tile.

Most nights the boys do sleep next to our bed on the carpet or on their Big Barker, but for this trial, I was trying to control the amount of time they spent on the tile.

What is the motto? When you know better, you do better?

I am interested to see if this makes any difference in the size and growth of the dogs elbow calluses when I combine it with the dog elbow butter and the next few products.

What Is A Pressure Sore

Dog Elbow Callus Treatment Tip

A pressure sore is a chronic injury to the skin. It happens when a dog lies on a hard surface for an extended period of time without changing positions. The weight from lying in one spot decreases blood flow to the area, damaging the skin and tissue. The skin breaks down and develops an open wound.

At first, these wounds start on the surface of the skin, but if they arent treated fast, they can grow deep into the bone, causing a lot of pain to your dog.

They typically develop over bony areas on a dogs body like the elbows, hips and hocks .

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Pimobendan For Congestive Heart Failure In Dogs

I have a friend who owns a 7-year-old 110 lbs. German Shepherd named Conan. Since I knew Conan, I came to know him as a dog who refuses to sleep on anything but the cold tile in the house. Even after purchasing a cozy dog bed, he refused to use the bed and eventually, his elbows started accumulating fluid-like substance. This didnt seem painful because Conan was always very active and after speaking to my friend, she let me understand that she wanted to observe and see if the swelling would resolve on its own. But eventually, his elbow began to look unsightly when the swelling grew larger, making the area look like a huge ball of fluid was underneath his elbow skin. She went to her vet who checked and declared Conans condition as a hygroma.

An hygroma simply is a fluid-filled swelling caused by repeated trauma. These swelling are non-painful and typically occur over a pressure point or bony prominence such as the outside elbow.

This happens most times when your dog doesnt stop lying on hard surfaces such as cement or hardwood floors. When she was told that Conans condition could be handled at home

She tried to make him use his bed and when he still wouldnt, she tried wrapping the hygroma with cotton and some pieces of cloth, but it never seemed to stay on.

Because I understand my friends struggle and also have a soft spot for dogs, I hopped online to find the best elbow pads for dogs, and according to reviews and customer experiences.

How Long Does Pressure Sores Treatment Last

The treatment usually lasts 4-6 weeks depending on your dogs case of severity. The process of sores development and healing comes in several stages. In the first stage, a dog develops red patches and shows excessive licking behavior. The second stage is followed by hair loss and developing sores that look like blisters and scrapes.

The third stage includes spreading the sores into the tissue beneath the skin. In the last stage, the sores go really deep and spread to muscles and bones. In case you started to treat this type of condition from the first stage, the improvement can be seen in only one week while the treatment in severe cases can last up to 2 months.


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How Pressure Sores Are Treated

Take pressure off the wound. An orthopedic dog bed, a pillow or even an inflatable donut works well. Turn your dog over every couple of hours.

See your veterinarian. Your vet will determine whether the skin ulcer has an underlying infection. If this is the case, dogs are treated with antibiotics, topical antiseptics and dressings.

Deep wounds may need surgery. Ulcers that go deep into the skin or bone might require your vet to debride the skin. Thats when dead or diseased tissue is surgically removed so healthy tissue can grow.

Be patient. It takes 2-4 weeks before the skin begins to heal. Youll know youre on the right track with the size of the wound gets smaller. New healthy tissue grows at the edges and slowly closes the wound.

Do not let your dog stay in one position for more than 2-3 hours.

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