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Bob And Brad Knee Pain

Treating Inner Knee Pain

Knee Pain? Top 3 Critical Things You Need to Do NOW. Treatments & Exercises.

Depending on your exact symptoms, there are several different treatment paths for inner knee pain.

  • RICE method: RICEor Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevationis a common home remedy for inside knee pain. Staying off your knee as much as possible after an injury can help it heal, but if severe knee pain persists for more than three days, you may need to seek medical attention.
  • Steroids and/or medication: Anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen work to reduce swelling, while injectable steroids aim to restore mobility.
  • Physical therapy: Working with a physical therapist helps you learn stretches and strength-building exercises to get your knee back into shape.
  • Surgery: In extreme cases, knee surgery may be the only option to restore full range of motion.

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Knee Pain 60 Second Fixes

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Bob has been diagnosed with Ataxia. It affects his balance and his speech but does not affect his thinking. We appreciate your understanding and support!

~~~~Chapters~~~~0:00 Knee Pain Quick Fixes Introduction0:22 Knee Pain Exercise #1: Terminal Knee Extension1:13 Knee Pain Exercise #2: Seated Knee Flexion & Extension2:47 Knee Pain Exercise #3: FitGlide & Knee Glide4:04 Things to Avoid with Knee Pain5:26 Using a Cane to Decrease Knee Pain6:21 Knee Pain Video Conclusion

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How To Use The Thermotex Platinum As A Backpack

Attachthe 2 long straps provided to the Velcro strips at the back of the Platinum asindicated below. Wear it like you would a backpack to treat those hard to reachupper back muscles. Bob and Brad also believe if you adjust the straps right the Platinumunit can actually help to correct your posture while the infrared treatment isproviding relief from pain!

Exercises For Knee Pain

Knee Glide

Each of these exercises can be modified made easier or harder. If you tend to lose your balance or need more support, keep a sturdy chair or countertop nearby. As you gain strength, you can progress to more challenging exercises by using a resistance band or standing on an uneven surface. With each exercise, Ill point out ways to modify!

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Knee Pain: 5 Very Helpful Tips

This article is a transcribed edited summary of a video Bob and Brad recorded in March of 2021. For the original video go to

Bob: Okay, we’re going to talk about five very simple but effective ways that you can knock your knee pain down.

Brad: Knock it right down to the floor.

Bob: Right. So we’re going to start with one of the things is the one muscle that tends to get very weak with knee pain is the quadriceps. So to strengthen, this is very simple, you can do it in your bed. You can just take your pillow. Wake up every morning, take it from your head. Fold it. Put it underneath your knee.

Brad: Very good. There you go.

Bob: And you’re going to push down on the knee and squeeze the knee towards the bed and it’s going to activate the quadriceps.

Brad: Yep. Think you’re squishing that pillow.

Bob: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

Brad: Isometric, eh?

Bob: Yep. And you could do like three sets of 10.

Brad: Sure. Start out with one set. It shouldn’t hurt your knee. It’s a reasonably conservative exercise.

Bob: This is something that’s not going to make the pain better right away. It’s going to take a couple of weeks because the strength has to get there before it does.

Brad: Right. Yep.

Bob: All right. The next one, Brad, this could help right away. And I know you’re going to protest about this, but you should use a cane.

Brad: Yeah.

Bob: I’d say just try it in your own house, to walk with.

Bob: Right.

Mistake We See People Make With Back Pain Hip Pain Knee Pain Etc

This article is a transcribed edited summary of a videoBob and Brad recorded inAugust of 2020.For the original video go to: s

Bob: Today were going to talk about the #1 mistake we see people make with back pain, hip pain, knee pain, etc. This is a physical therapist viewpoint.

Brad: Boy, thats covering quite a bit of anatomy with one show.

Bob: We dont want to leave anybody out. So, the first mistake we see people do, if something hurts, what do they do?

Brad: Protect it. Its not necessarily a mistake.

Bob: Right, but if they continue to do it, it is. When you first hurt it, a lot of times, we want you to rest it. I just saw a study, Brad. They talk about the P.R.I.C.E. Method of protection. They thought, no it should be the M.I.C.E. Method. Movement right away. They talked about movement almost the first day.

Brad: Its like after a knee replacement.

Bob: Right. Look at the trauma that the knee underwent.

Brad: Thats true, thats a good point.

Bob: Were not judging by the way. Its completely understandable when you hurt an area, you dont want to move it. It hurts to move it. The swelling increases and the blood flow decreases and tightness sets in. So,were going to just tell you ways to try to help get those areas moving, that maybe are going to be a little less painful.

Brad: Flat surfaces.

Bob: Yes. But actually, if you increase your speed, that decreases the amount of weight on your spine.

Brad: Except for,

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How To Practice Squatting

Squatting can help build leg and hip strength, leading to more stable joints. Over time, your range of motion will increase.

As long as youre able to practice with minimal knee joint discomfort, its safe to include squats in your exercise routine.

People with arthritis may find the most benefit in wall squats, since squatting against the wall can help reduce your risk of putting unnecessary or incorrect pressure on your knees.

To do a basic squat:

  • Stand with your back against a wall. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart, with your heels about 18 inches away from wall.
  • Keep your knees in line with your heels, not out in front of your toes.
  • Breathe in and exhale as you sit down or squat. Your buttocks shouldnt drop any lower than knee level.
  • Keep your abdominal muscles tight and ensure that your back is pressed flat against the wall.
  • Push up through your heels not the balls of your feet and inhale as you stand up.
  • Keep the knee over the ankle and not over the ball of the foot, Bell cautions.

    If you begin to experience intense pain at any point more than your typical knee pain you should stop the practice for the day.

    Be sure to give the move another try during your next practice. Youll find that your pain threshold increases as you build up muscle strength.

    How To Practice Deep Lunging

    How to Fix Knee Pain in Seconds (This Works)

    For people with knee osteoarthritis, lunging poses the same benefits and risks as deep squatting.

    Lunges are a great way to improve your overall leg and hip strength, but they may cause unnecessary pain when practiced incorrectly.

    The trick, Bell says, is to make sure your knee doesnt extend past your ankle.

    You may also find it helpful to practice lunges while holding on to the back of a chair or table for added support.

    To do a basic lunge:

  • Grab on to your support, if needed.
  • Step forward with one leg. Be sure to keep your forward knee above your ankle. Your knee should never extend past your ankle.
  • Once youre stable in position, slowly lift your back heel off of the floor.
  • Keep lifting until you form a straight line from your back knee to your hip.
  • Engage, or tighten, your abdominal muscles. This will help keep your back straight as you move into a lunging position. Slouching or leaning forward will put unnecessary stress on your front knee.
  • During your practice, its important that you take note of any changes in pain or discomfort. If you begin experiencing more pain than usual, you should stop lunging for the day and move on to another form of exercise.

    Running can increase your overall wellness and help control weight. This can reduce the amount of stress on your knees and lessen the overall effect of osteoarthritis.

    However, some caveats do apply:

    No one with arthritis should start running, she says flatly.

    To minimize symptoms:

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    Optp Fitglide By Bob And Brad

    The FitGlide by Bob and Brad is an easy-to-use tool for exercise and rehabilitation of the lower extremities. Created by physical therapists Bob Schrupp, PT, MA, and Brad Heineck, PT, CSCS, the FitGlide was designed for patients recovering from knee replacement or surgeries , hip replacement or fracture, or stroke, and those who want to exercise without the risk of falling. Weighing less than 5 pounds, this portable tool can be used anywhere for seated, low-impact exercises including seated incline hamstrings, seated knee flexion, seated incline quadriceps, seated incline quadriceps with weight, and seated incline hamstrings with weight. Benefits from using this product include increased range of motion, improved joint and muscle strength, promotion of synovial fluid for reduced friction in joints, increased blood flow, and cardiac benefits. An instructional brochure with exercises is included.


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    What To Do About Inner Knee Pain

    Knee pain is an incredibly common complaint amongst athletes and individuals of all fitness levels. The repetitive nature of walking, running, and even sitting and standing puts a lot of strain on this hard-working joint, and can often result in inner knee pain. Inside knee pain typically points to cartilage issues lets explore what to do about inner knee pain.

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    Other Techniques For Knee Pain

    Each of these three, simple exercises will help you strengthen the muscles of your legs and improve your stability. But dont forget to add some stretches to your workout so you can expand the range of motion in your hips and knees.

    I also rely on soft tissue mobilization or massage techniques in between workouts to help muscle recovery and reduce knee pain. A massage gun is the perfect tool for this purpose, and you can read more about how to use one here.

    But no matter your goals in combating knee pain or instability, the name of the game is consistency. Keep making progress towards your goals every day, and I guarantee youll be successful!

    Three Tips For Knee Cartilage Problems

    Knee Glide

    This article is a transcribed edited summary of a video Bob and Brad recorded inAugustof 2020.For the original video go to

    Bob: Today we are going to talk about three tips for knee cartilage problems, how to fix without surgery. Lets get down to business here Brad. According to guidelines, and this was I believe out of Australia that a bunch of surgeons got together, and surgery is not recommended on cartilage problems even tears, unless you have locking of the knee.

    Brad: In other words, it locks up, typically painful, and you can work it and it loosens up. You know, oftentimes its a meniscus issue but its definitely the cartilage.

    Bob: Well, youve always heard before and years ago, someone would tear their meniscus, tear their cartilage and they would go Well I need to have surgery. But what theyre finding now is those that have had the surgery compared to those that dont, the outcome ends up being the same in a few months anyway.

    Brad: So, if it doesnt lock.

    Bob: Yes, if it doesnt lock. If it does lock, that means that the cartilage probably folded up on itself and its just going to get worse. They probably need to go in and have it done.

    Brad: Its really not a major surgery.

    Brad: Right!

    Brad: I thought she used a crutch?

    Bob: She used a crutch too, but when we went on vacation she used a walking stick. That she could fold way up.

    Brad: Yeah, more convenience to travel with that.

    Brad: Except for

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    The Advice I Wish Id Learned Long Ago

    First, Schrupp and Heineck asked me to lean back as far as I could, and they quickly noticed the muscles along my upper spine didnt flex or budge they were cement poles. In the video above, they demonstrate how to use a rubbery sphere called a back pod to loosen those trigger points. Id long been leaning against small, hard sports balls to do the same, but sustained pressure from a wider surface loosened tension without adding soreness. For me, soreness always led to strain the next day.

    Then came another demo, along with advice thats helped me the most: One of the things that were famous for is that we dont want to have you do the exercise once a day, Schrupp said. To think that youre going to make a big change by doing something once a day is unlikely. Its more likely youre going to make a change if you can do it like eight times a day or nine times a day and make it part of your habit.

    Schrupp said this idea isnt original, and hes quick to point out how much he talks to other experts, turning these conversations into a podcast.

    Id first seen this tip in action when I watched Schrupp doing chin tucks in a car with a rolled-up sock behind his head. He was working on his posture throughout the day.

    Are Certain Exercises Easier On The Knees

    Water aerobics are often suggested when recuperating from sore joints.

    Although the water can have a soothing, buoyant effect on your knees, Bell says its unlikely to produce enough resistance to strengthen the surrounding muscles.

    If you really want to create enough resistance to make a difference, land-based exercises ultimately are what you need, she says.

    Some of her favorites include cycling, at moderate or high intensity, and strengthening exercises like Pilates.

    You may be able to get more out of a low-impact workout by incorporating weighted elastic bands or free weights into your routine.

    You may also find it beneficial to wear a knee brace while exercising.

    If you havent already, talk with your doctor about whether this is a good option for you. They can make specific recommendations and advise you on best practices.

    Youll likely experience mild soreness when exercising, especially if you havent exercised for a while.

    When planning your routine, be sure to keep the level of intensity reasonable.

    Your doctor or physical therapist can provide a personalized recommendation suited to your needs.

    The dose of exercise should be enough to produce a difference, but not so much that you become injured or discouraged.

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    How To Practice Walking Or Running Up Stairs

    Although walking up and down stairs may hurt, it can be a good strengthening exercise for your leg and hip muscles.

    Theres another benefit to exercise, and thats having a protective effect on joint or articular cartilage. This is extremely important for slowing the onset of osteoarthritis.

    Think of articular cartilage as a protective covering for your joints.

    Articular cartilage functions as a shock absorber and also reduces friction between bones where they meet at joints. As a person ages, this cartilage can wear away, leading to joint pain and swelling, or osteoarthritis.

    Research shows that loading of the articular cartilage maintains the health of the cartilage and that avoidance of loading, aka exercise, results in atrophy, or thinning of the articular cartilage.

    To safely climb steps:

    • Take your time. A slow and steady approach can help you maintain your stability.
    • Use the railing for support. If you currently use a cane, talk to your physical therapist about how to best use it while on stairs.

    For a low-impact alternative, try using a stair stepper machine. When using a stair stepper, keep the following in mind:

    • Start with a shorter workout and increase the duration over time. Doing too much too quickly can be harmful.
    • Adjust the height of the rise to suit your needs. Bell advises that you start small and gradually work your way up to a higher step.
    • Use the railing for support, as needed. Be careful not to lean on the rails.

    Treat Inner Knee Pain With Impact Physical Therapy

    Knee Pain? Top 3 Critical Things You Need to Do Now! Treatments and Exercises (Updated)

    Inner knee pain can be a major disruption to your everyday life, but it doesnt have to be. The team at IMPACT Physical Therapy is here to manage your symptoms and get you back to your full range of motion without pain. Request an appointment to set up a treatment plan for the pain inside your knee today.

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