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Best Pickleball Paddles For Tennis Elbow

Pro Speed Ii Pickleball Pad

[Best Pickleball Paddle] Pro Kennex Kinetic Ovation Pickleball Paddle Review | For Pickleball Elbow

The original Pro Speed picked up rave reviews for being a great paddle for pickleball. It was so good at picking up the ball that you didnt even need to chase it down you could keep playing and let the paddle handle the ball.

That makes the Pro Speed II stand out for me its built with high-end features that would be tough to come by in a cheap paddle. Its lightweight yet durable, and the 7-layer coating ensures itll stay smooth in the water for years to come.

Unlike the other paddles, this comes with the patented Kinetic shock absorbing system. Its designed to dampen impact forces on the paddle so it wont get damaged from playing. Ive found this very helpful in making the paddle last longer, so itll continue to perform even when its older.

The paddle is thin and lightweight, and it feels comfortable in your hands. The thinness means it has a nice crisp feel in your hand, even when youre holding it while doing a serve.

The biggest improvement I noticed from the first version to the second is that the paddles face is a bit softer and more flexible. This isnt noticeable at first, but after playing, I noticed it was better for my strokes. If youre like me and have really weak arms, this should give your serves a little more power.

How Do You Prevent Tennis Elbow From Pickleball

The sport of pickleball is fun and fast-paced, and it can be played by anyone at any age. Tennis elbow is a common injury in the sport, but any sport carries some risk of injury.

Tennis elbow can be prevented by doing several things. The first thing you should do before playing is warm up. After your game, you should stretch your arm muscles. Using proper technique and avoiding excessive force is also important. The elbow should be rested if it is experiencing pain. Tennis elbow and other injuries can be prevented by following these precautions.

Prokennex Kinetic Ovation Speed Ii

ProKennex Kinetic Ovation Speed II has been engineered and designed for comfort and stability, which is excellent for players struggling with tennis elbow and joint pain. The edgeless tennis-shaped paddle boasts a large sweet spot for improved stability and impact feeling, providing extra comfort when hitting.

The Ovations Speed IIs surface is a fiberglass composite material featuring seven layers of coating with an over skin that improves spin. The skin grabs the ball more firmly when its hit to let players place more spin on the ball than normal.

The layered surface coating also improves the paddles overall durability, which makes up for its slightly high price tag. The grip size is pretty small at three and inches, so players may have to apply an overgrip to achieve the desired grip size to avoid straining joints.

The handle length is standard at four and inches, making the paddle very easy to handle. The paddle face design makes it aerodynamic for better reactions and improved movement speed.

Check it out on Amazon below.

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How Can I Prevent Tennis Elbow When Playing Pickleball

There are a few things you can do to help prevent tennis elbow when playing pickleball. First, make sure to warm up properly before playing. Second, use a paddle with a larger sweet spot to help reduce the stress on your elbow. Third, grip the paddle lightly and avoid excessive squeezing. Fourth, take breaks as needed and dont overdo it. Finally, see a doctor if you start to experience any pain or discomfort.

Best Value Not Always Lowest Price

13 Best Pickleball Paddles For Tennis Elbow [October 2022]

Cheap paddles are not durable paddles. Anybody buying a cheap paddle is fooling themselves if they think they are getting a deal. Cheap paddles are cheap for a reason. Almost without exception, cheap paddles are cheap because they are cheaply made. Yet, beginners usually want to start with cheap paddles because they are not yet sure whether or not they are going to like pickleball. For customers in this category, we suggest buying a quality used paddle from another player who is ready for change.

Truly durable pickleball paddles are not cheap. They cost more because they are made better and will last longer. Manta, in our opinion, makes the most durable pickleball paddles on the market today. Manta is the leading Canadian manufacturer. They make several models with graphite faces and rigid nylon cores. They also make paddles that are legal in all major tournaments in Canada and the USA. Most importantly, though, they are known for making the most durable pickleball paddles on the market today.

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Can You Play Pickleball With A Tennis Elbow

Yes, you can play pickleball with a tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is a condition that affects the muscles and tendons around your elbow. Its from overusing the muscles and tendons. The good news is that it can usually be treated with rest, ice, and exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscles and tendons around your elbow. If you continue to experience pain while playing pickleball, see your doctor for advice.

Best Pickleball Paddle Buying Guide

In the section below, we shall highlight some of the critical features that you need to consider when purchasing a pickleball paddle. Even advanced players have subtle variations they feel comfortable within their new paddle, so worth reading this handy guide through. From composite paddle to hitting surface to polymer core, there are countless subtleties.

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Newfit Blur Pickleball Paddle Best For Shoulder Pain

Pickle ball courts are popping up everywhere, and it seems like everyone with a pickle ball paddle wants to play. But the game isnt the easiest for everyone to learn and master. Theres plenty of racquetball, tennis, and even squash players that find pickle ball hard to master.

But thats where the newFit Blur comes in. The newFit Blur is designed to reduce shoulder impact and injuries, and the pickle ball paddle comes with premium materials and a sleek design. Combining the graphite and honeycomb polymer centre makes this the ideal choice for the ones experiencing tennis elbow.

The graphite permits a delicate response of the surface to the ball, though the poly comb structure gives power despite of less force. as it is lightweight it is considered as the best pickle ball paddles for elbow and shoulder torment.


Olanny Graphite Pickleball Paddles

Curious Selkirk Vanguard 2.0 âButterâ? Pickleball Paddle, Vibration Dampening Paddle for Tennis Elbow

For anyone thinking about picking up a new pickleball racket but not sure what they should get the Olanny Graphite Pickleball Paddle Set is a good bet.

The price is excellent, as the paddle set comes with everything you need to start playing pickleball, which will last you years.

There is no set minimum order for the paddle set all you need is a pickleball, a softball, and a racquet to play. However, these come with four pickleball and two pickleball paddles , and all you have to do is bring your pickleball.

The paddles are sturdy, made from durable graphite, and have a solid grip to ensure you dont have to worry about losing grip.

All the parts in the set are well-made and work seamlessly, and they wont disappoint with any of the accessories included. You can play pickleball on just about any surface, so this set is perfect if you like playing outdoors.

If youre interested in learning how to play pickleball, you can grab a pickleball set and a paddle from the Olanny store to take your game to the next level.

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Is It Better To Have A Lighter Or Heavier Pickleball Paddle

To get the most out of your paddles, you should ideally have two or three weights to choose from, depending on how fast or slow you like the ball to move. Lighter paddles are great for slow games, while heavier ones are ideal for fast ones. It all depends on the type of paddles you like to use and the ball speed.

Paddletek Tempest Wave Ii

The Paddletek Tempest Wave II is a lightweight paddle with standard dimensions that gives it a good weight distribution and overall feel when playing. This makes it an excellent choice for players who suffer from joint sensitivity in their elbows.

The paddle comes in various weight options that cater to players of different strengths. The Tempest PolyCore absorbs excess shock and produces a softer hitting experience for players, which reduces stress on the elbow. Despite the softer impact, the Tempest Wave II packs a punch of power for the short game, giving players some extra pop when hitting the ball.

The rough paddle surface improves the precision players can achieve, and the massive sweet spot makes this one of the most consistent paddles on the market. The four and ¼-inch grip size and five and ¼-inch handle length give players plenty of room for two-handed shots to reduce pressure on joints while still getting excellent power.

The large sweet spot makes this paddle extremely forgiving, which means that straining to hit the perfect shot wont be necessary. The paddles forgiving nature provides firm stability and consistency. Beginners can take advantage of this to improve their game. At the same time, professionals can rely on it for fast-paced games without worrying about straining joints.

Check it out on Amazon below.

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Head Extreme Tour Max Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle

  • Endorsed by professional player Sarah Ansboury, Mixed Doubles US Open Champion
  • 4-star review from JustPaddles customer – Excellent for control, touch, good spin. You can get good power if you have good form, timing, and technique.
  • The diamond shape allows a player to dig out ground shots without scraping the playing surface. Creates an effortless dig and will not damage the edge guard of the paddle.

Onix Graphite Z5 Pickleball Paddle

13 Best Pickleball Paddles For Tennis Elbow [October 2022]

Onix Z5 is a premium and popular paddle that never goes out of style, and we love it because it works wonders and is designed to deliver.

It’s an ideal option for players with reasonable ball control and those looking to add more pop from the baseline.

Features and Benefits


With a weight ranging from 7.5-8.2 oz., Onix z5 falls under the heavy-weight category.

Typical of the heavy paddles, however, Onix z5, is quite powerful, and when in use, I did not require me to exert much force to achieve a power shot.

Again, despite the hefty weight, this paddle feels surprisingly lightweight, and it did not weigh me down in any case, I used it hours on end without straining.

Even so, some users still found this paddle heavy. Thus, I wouldn’t really recommend this paddle if you’re looking for a lightweight paddle.

Large Sweet Spot

Perhaps the unique feature of the Onix Z5 is the larger than average sweet spot that makes it easy for beginners and veterans to make shots with consistent accuracy.


The core of Onix Z5 is designed from Nomex Honeycomb, a material that is increasingly becoming a popular option among the premium paddles.

What’s really unique about this core is the ruggedness and durability it offers, and more particularly how it stands up to anything that you throw at it.

I also found Nomex quite a handy choice for the single play, where I needed an extra boost of power and an up-tempo style of play.



Requires least effort to use

Large sweet spot

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Does Massage Help Tennis Elbow

While there is no cure for tennis elbow, treatments are available to help relieve symptoms. Massage is one such treatment that may be effective in reducing pain and inflammation associated with tennis elbow.

Studies have shown that massage can help to increase blood flow to the affected area, which can speed up the healing process. Massage may also help to release tension in the muscles and connective tissue around the elbow joint, providing relief from pain.

If you are considering massage as a treatment for tennis elbow, be sure to consult with a qualified healthcare professional to ensure that it is right for you.

Onix Composite Z5 Pickleball Paddle

Pickle ball is a great way to stave off preventable diseases and promote healthy aging. The Onix Composite Z5 pickle ball paddle is faster than ever. The composite blade allows the paddle to flex. The Z5 composite paddle has a perfect balance point, making it the fastest pickle ball paddle on the market.

This will give sufficient power on each swing yet being light and reasonable because of its composite construction through the vast majority of the cutting edge so you can continue to play long after your opposition has been sidelined by fatigue or injury! For the player whos searching for additional power from a benchmark position, this paddle is awesome. Here are the best edgeless pickleball paddles.

It offers a brilliant grasp and an incredible stability that will take care of your shots with more prominent speed!


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Be Careful Of Paddle Length

The standard size paddle head that you see most often is just right for tennis elbow problems. There are some slightly longer and more narrow options in the market for more advanced players.

On these paddles the ideal strike spot is significantly smaller which is just fine for the advanced player as they are more like to hit it than the average or beginning player. But the longer length and smaller sweet spot both conspire to create vibration for the average player.

Hitting a ball off the edge guard on these paddles is really likely to make tennis elbow much worse. The experts will avoid this when they play pickleball.

Jp Winlook Premium Pickleball Paddles Set

New Engage Poach Infinity Pickleball Paddle Review | Advanced Vibration Dampening for Tennis Elbow

JP WinLook makes great paddles and racquets, but cheap materials and poor construction often reduce their quality. With a pair of these premium pickleball paddles, youll finally get all the benefits of using this racquet.

The paddles are made with high-quality honeycomb polymer. This type of plastic is used on tennis rackets for its ability to create a soft, lightweight frame that feels nice to hold. However, the honeycomb is much harder than most plastics, providing a non-slip surface for paddles and balls, even with extended play.

The pickleball paddle has a textured grip with a combination of graphite and polymer honeycomb, providing excellent power and spin control and a non-slippery, comfortable surface.

Despite this, the ProGolf set has improved construction, so you wont find cracks or breaks where the rubber bands are glued on, or the polycarbonate plate is welded to the steel frame.

Its got a softer feel than the original Golf set, and it provides more stability when youre hitting groundstrokes, making them easier to hit with and making your game more consistent.

As long as youre buying the pickleball paddle from JP WinLook, you know that youre getting the best product for the money. Theyre made from quality materials designed to last for many years, and their quality will only improve over time.

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Does Tennis Elbow Affect Pickleball

Any sport can be afflicted by tennis elbow. Tennis elbow does not discriminate! It can significantly affect your ability to play pickleball if you suffer from tennis elbow.

Although there are some treatments that can decrease the pain caused by tennis elbow, and in some cases make it completely go away, prevention remains the best treatment.

Onix Graphite Z5 Overall Best Pickleball Paddle For Tennis Elbow

The Graphite Z5 is the most popular pickleball paddle in the Onix line, and its one weve recommended more than once.

This is just a great all-around paddle, and it has all the important features that make it one of the best pickleball paddles for players with tennis elbow.

At 7.5 8.2 ounces, this paddle is the perfect weight if youre prone to pickleball elbow. The shape mimics a tennis racquet and has a wider face and larger sweet spot.

This means you dont have to extend yourself, risking injury, to grab some of those tough shots your opponents through your way.

Onix Graphite Z5 Pickleball Paddle Specs

  • Nomex Core for greater control and less jarring
  • One of the most well-loved graphite pickleball paddles on the market
  • Great for all skill levels
  • Large sweet spot
  • Tennis handle shape is easier for many new pickleball players to adjust to.
  • Weight: 7.5-8.2 ounces

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Best Pick For Pain Relief

The ProKennex Kinetic Ovation Speed II is the best pickleball paddle for tennis elbow pain relief. The reason is simple: it delivers the most stable and powerful swing of any pickleball paddle on the market.

What makes it so great? Its the Kinetic System Technology, which was developed by ProKennex and uses an advanced composite core matrix. The core matrix consists of high-density carbon fiber and a special polymer called PolyPro, which allows the paddle to remain strong, yet lightweight.

The paddle also features a 7-layer coating, which includes a soft skin layer, a carbon fiber-reinforced polymer, a carbon/fiberglass layer, and the release of epoxy/resin. This combination gives the paddle a firm grip and prevents it from slipping.

The ProKennex Kinetic Ovation Speed II paddle is also designed for comfort. It has a padded grip area, which is soft and comfortable. It also has a spin-grab feature, which allows players to grab the ball with their fingertips when swinging.

As for the paddles length and width, theyre ideal for pickleball. The length is ideal for most pickleball players, while the width is sufficient for all but the smallest players. The handle length is also ideal since its long enough to provide maximum control of the paddle.

If you want to play pickleball and have elbow problems, then the ProKennex Kinetic Ovation Speed II is the best pickleball paddle for tennis elbow pain relief.

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