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Back Shoulder Pain Right Side

Causes Of Right Shoulder Blade Pain

Fix Rhomboid Pain (Mid-Back & Shoulder Blade Pain) 5 Self Treatments That Work

A variety of illness and diseases result in pain in right shoulder blade and self-diagnosing is dangerous.

1. Gallbladder Attack

The gallbladder is located under the liver in the upper right area of the abdomen. It functions to help digest dietary fat. Females, those over forty year of age and obese persons may be prone to gallstones and subsequent painful gallbladder attacks. The pain is intense it generally occurs after eating a fatty or fried meal. The pain from these attacks can radiate to the right shoulder.

Gallstones are most commonly treated by surgical removal of the gallbladder. This procedure is performed by a surgeon who makes several small incisions in the abdomen. Then using a camera and special surgical tools is able to remove the gallbladder. The recovery using this method requires less time than the classic large incision.

2. Heart Attack

A heart attack is caused by blockage of blood vessels supplying the heart. Pain can radiate to a variety of locations including the right shoulder. The pain can also be felt in the neck, jaw or left shoulder. Tearing or ripping type pain can radiate to the shoulder or back and can signify that the large blood vessel coming off the heart is tearing. Both of these problems are life -threatening and require immediate emergency care. Call 911 immediately.

3. Liver Diseases

Infections of the liver are treated with antibiotics and if required, surgical drainage. More serious liver diseases may require a liver transplant.

What Causes Upper Back Pain

Although it can be difficult to determine the exact cause of upper back pain, common possible causes include:

  • Muscle strain, sprain, or overuse: Repetitive movements, such as those from physical labor, can lead to muscle and ligament injuries. Improper lifting technique can also result in upper back pain.
  • Poor posture: Slouching in a chair, hunching over a phone, or standing with the pelvis tucked under or out can all lead to upper back pain.
  • Disc or nerve damage: Discs are the soft shock absorbers between vertebrae. If ruptured or herniated, the discs bulge, putting pressure on the spinal nerves and triggering pain that often radiates.
  • Fractured vertebrae: Accidents can cause bones in the spine to break, impairing movement.
  • Osteoarthritis: Though more common in the neck and lower back, this wear and tear type of arthritis can happen in the upper back as well. Osteoarthritis occurs when cartilage breaks down.
  • Osteoporosis: Weak, brittle bones are more susceptible to fractures.

Other conditions and lifestyle factors that can contribute to upper back pain include:

Video: Spinal Compress Fractures

Compression fractures occur most often in the thoracic and lumbar sections of the spine and can be caused by traumatic injury or as a result of osteoporosis.Watch Now

A compression fracture is when a vertebral bone weakens and compresses, causing back pain that feels better with rest or is sensitive to the touch. Compression fractures are most commonly caused by osteoporosis in older adults.

See When Back Pain Is a Spine Compression Fracture

This list of possible reasons for the pain underneath your shoulder blade is not exhaustive, but hopefully it gives you a helpful starting point on the journey to relief. Any back or shoulder pain that lingers a few weeks or interferes with daily activities should be evaluated by a doctor. If your pain is severe or accompanied by other red flag symptomssuch as headache, tingling, weakness, or nauseaseek immediate medical attention.

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Causes Of Pain In The Back Below The Right Shoulder Blade

Pain below the right shoulder blade has many potential causes, some of which are more serious than others. They range from muscle strain to infections, fractures and tumors. See your doctor to determine the cause, especially if the pain persists, gets worse or occurs repeatedly. Treatment depends on the underlying reason for the pain.

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The Liver Maybe The Root Of The Problem

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The liver is a massive organ that attaches directly to the diaphragm in a number of places and is innervated from nerves that stem from the mid lower thoracic spine T5-9. Understanding the visceral attachments helps us build a more realistic 3 dimensional model of what could be affecting our movement and creating our symptoms. It also helps us to understand why, just treating and working on the joints and muscles alone, may only give us temporary relief.

Did you know during an hour and half yoga class approximately 135 litres of blood is pumped through the liver, it is a hefty and important part of the body which moves in conjunction with the diaphragm but also by itself. Restriction of liver mobility can cause excessive tension on the diaphragm movement and consequently tension on the thorax and shoulder.

A shameless plug of a recent success story I had. I have recently been working with a lady who was in a huge amount of pain with a frozen shoulder . She was unable to lift her arm more than about 20 degrees from her waist for 9 months. She had physio to treat the shoulder joint and muscles but it only had a temporary effect and her GP and consultant suggested that she have surgery. After an initial treatment working on releasing tension of the Liver ligaments to her diaphragm and ribs she regained 60-70% movement which was life changing for her.

Chris Blake

To find out more about how organs can have an effect on our movement

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Treatment Of Upper Right Back Pain Under Shoulder Blade

When blade pain persists, it can affect quality of life and reduce arm and back movements. So lets look some treatment options.

1. Medication

Medications, which can be purchased at a nearby grocery store or pharmacy without a prescription, can alleviate several types of blade pain. Some of these drugs work to reduce inflammation, such as aspirin, ibuprofen , or naproxen . Some medications, such as acetaminophen , may be effective in preventing or altering pain signals in the brain. Medications are still dangerous even if no medication is needed.

2. Massage

Pain under your shoulder blade can feel like a sharp knot because of muscle spasm. Massage can help relax your muscles and get more blood to the affected area. Seek out a ready friend or family member, or therapist, to apply the pain relief, which can relieve tension and bring relief. Other self-cleaning techniques for the shoulder blade include using a foam roller or a soccer ball.

3. Relax

If your pain is exacerbated during exercise or physical activity, such as homework or exercise, rest for a day or two. Stopping physical activity can help reduce your pain and prevent misuse. Dont stop activities for too long or completely, though. Many people report that sedentary lifestyles make back pain worse. Staying in one place for too long, such as sitting behind a desk, can also exacerbate symptoms.

4. Apply ice or Heat

5. See your doctor

Some Surprising Symptoms That Can Sometimes Be Linked To Right Sided Shoulder Pain Or Injury

Most of us have experienced right sided shoulder pain at some point but what if it keeps coming back, why is that? Perhaps youve tried going to a physical therapist to have the muscles and joints treated to only have it come back with a vengeance a few days later?

Here is a fresh perspective as to why youre right sided shoulder pain is not going away and how seemingly unrelated symptoms are actually a part of the same problem.

  • Restriction and tightness at the junction of the head and neck.
  • Stiffness in the mid neck.
  • Restriction through the thoracic spine vertebrae T7-T10.
  • Restriction in breathing and movement through lower ribs 7-10
  • Sciatic pain in the hip or back of the leg
  • Hamstring tightness

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How Is The Cause Diagnosed

Because there are many possible causes for chest and shoulder pain, diagnosis can be challenging.

Your doctor will take a full medical history to find out about any other health conditions you may have. Theyll also ask if your family members have heart disease or other types of conditions.

Your doctor will ask about your symptoms, when they started, how long they lasted, and if they changed.

Once your doctor knows more about your symptoms and any other health conditions, theyll do a physical exam and listen to your heart and lungs.

There are many diagnostic tests your doctor may use to determine whats causing your shoulder and chest pain. Common diagnostic tests include:

Causes Of Pain Under Shoulder Blades

Right Side Neck Stretches – PHYSIO Neck Relief Routine

Posted on by Camille Clinton, MDin Shoulder, Shoulder Pain, Sports Medicine

Our shoulder blade is a triangular shaped bone in our upper back and its purpose is to help support pivotal movements of our shoulder. Its possible to experience pain near or under your shoulder blade that is quite severe or an ache that arrives in waves. The cause and the diagnosis can be determined on the kind of pain, its frequency, and if the pain occurs with movement. Here we will look at 10 causes of pain under the shoulder blade.

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Common Causes Of Back Of Shoulder Pain

Pain behind the shoulder is usually caused by a problem in the:

  • Shoulder Joint: e.g. impingement, arthritis, frozen shoulder, labrum tear, fracture/dislocation
  • Shoulder Muscles: e.g. rotator cuff tear, tendonitis , myofascial trigger points, muscle strain
  • Neural System: e.g. nerve compression , thoracic outlet, brachial neuritis, stenosis
  • Medical Condition: e.g. tumor, heart problems
  • Shoulder Blade Region: e.g. scapulothoracic bursitis
  • We will start off by looking at the possible causes of back of shoulder pain that come from the shoulder joint itself and then go on to look at other possible problems that can refer pain behind the shoulder.

    The Ache Wont Go Away

    Youve tried the DIY treatments, gotten massages, and maybe even bought a new mattress. If your upper back is persistently hurting, it mayvery rarelybe a sign of a lung tumor. The American Cancer Society points out that advanced lung cancer may contribute to bone pain. Weight loss, chest pain, and weakness are also signs of lung cancer.

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    Why Chronic Neck Pain Should Never Be Ignored

    Neck pain is one of the most common medical complaints among both women and men, and thanks to an increasing use of computers and mobile phones for just about any activity under the sun, those complaints are becoming more common. Lots of factors can contribute to neck pain, including spending hours hunched over electronics.

    Sometimes, neck pain is a minor nuisance that can be remedied with a few lifestyle changes and maybe some gentle stretching. But other times, chronic neck pain can be a sign of a more serious issue thats just not going to clear up on its own. Unless youre a doctor, it can be difficult to tell when persistent neck pain is due to minor strain and when its being caused by a serious underlying problem that needs immediate care. Heres why chronic neck pain shouldnt be ignored and how the chiropractors at Premier Spine Institute can help you find welcome relief.

    Pain Under Left Breast Armpit And Shoulder Blade

    Sleeping and Trigger Points: Pain Patterns, Causes, Self

    Startling torment can happen under the left bosom for reasons that range from issues with absorption through to heart conditions. Some can be treated at home, yet some can be therapeutically increasingly genuine.

    There are a few organs in the upper left district of the body that could be the wellspring of the torment. These incorporate the stomach, heart, lungs, ribs, colon, pancreas, and spleen. Specialists regularly bunch the most well-known reasons for agony under the left bosom into two principal classes: stomach related and heart-related. This article takes a gander at the various reasons for agony under the left bosom, their manifestations, and the treatment choices accessible.

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    Possible Causes Of Pain Under Your Shoulder Blade

    Having pain under or near your shoulder bladethe triangular bone that forms the back of your shouldermay limit arm movements and interfere with daily activities. This pain can range from being sharp or burning, such as between the spine and shoulder blade, to tender or achy across the shoulder or upper back. Some possible causes of this pain are discussed below.

    Physiotherapy For Shoulder Pain

    The number of physiotherapy sessions you may have depends on the cause of your shoulder pain.

    If you’re still in pain after your sessions end, go back to the GP. They might prescribe more physiotherapy or suggest another treatment.

    Physiotherapy is available through the NHS, but waiting times can be long. You can also pay to get physiotherapy privately.

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    What Can Cause Upper Back Pain

    Upper back pain, also called thoracic spine pain, usually has a musculoskeletal origin and is related to poor posture or overuse injuries.

    Causes of upper back pain may include:

    • Overworked muscles
    • Damage to the vertebral discs
    • Wear and tear of cushioning between the vertebrae
    • Degenerative bone disease

    What That Pain In Your Shoulder Could Say About Your Gut

    Rhomboid Pain (Shoulder Blade Discomfort)

    When you have pain in your abdomen, its hard to pinpoint its origin. It could be appendicitis, indigestion, a kidney stone, or an intense stomach ache. Because our bodies are so intricate, detailing your symptoms helps our team zero in on the problem area and get to work on a treatment thats going to alleviate your pain.

    One of the biggest culprits of abdominal pain is gallbladder disease. Gallstones are the #1 gastrointestinal disorder that causes hospitalization.

    Our dedicated team of doctors here at Desert West Surgery are here to answer a few questions about the gallbladder, gallstones, and why a problem with your gallbladder can affect your shoulders.

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    Youre Short Of Breath

    Rarely, upper back pain may be due to a punctured lung, which can be caused by an injury. While it is less likely to be the cause of your discomfort, a punctured lung is something you need to know the signs of so you can take the right action. If the pain is accompanied by shortness of breath or severe pain taking a deep breath, seek urgent medical care, advises Dr. Chang.

    Upper Back Pain That Shoots Down The Arm Symptom Checker Statistics

    People who have experienced upper back pain that shoots down the arm have also experienced:

    • 15% Pain In One Shoulder
    • 13% Shoulder Pain That Shoots To The Arm
    • 5% Pain In One Shoulder Blade

    People who have experienced upper back pain that shoots down the arm were most often matched with:

    • 33% Herniated Disk In The Upper Back
    • 33% Myofascial Pain Syndrome
    • 33% Pinched Nerve In The Neck

    People who have experienced upper back pain that shoots down the arm had symptoms persist for:

    • 34% Less than a day
    • 27% Less than a week
    • 21% Over a month

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    Try Out Cold Or Heat Therapy

    Ice is a quick way to relieve pain. Wrap the ice or cooling device in a wet cloth before applying it to your skin. Apply the cold device for 15-20 minutes. Leave about 45 minutes between applications. Ice or cold reduces blood flow to the affected area. By doing so, inflammation and swelling may be reduced. As a result, you feel less pain.

    Some individuals prefer heat over cold. Go with what feels best for you, or alternate between them. Heat, in particular, may offer relief, if your muscles feel tense. Heat promotes blood flow in the applied area and also causes the local muscles to relax.

    Repetitive Strain Injury Of The Shoulder

    Pain Between Shoulder Blades: Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment

    Repetitive strain injury of the shoulder is caused by consistent repetitive use.

    Rarity: Uncommon

    Top Symptoms: shoulder pain from overuse, shoulder weakness, shoulder numbness

    Symptoms that always occur with repetitive strain injury of the shoulder : shoulder pain from overuse

    Symptoms that never occur with repetitive strain injury of the shoulder : severe shoulder pain, shoulder injury

    Urgency: Self-treatment

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    Pain Around The Upper Arm And Shoulder

    This happens when the pain is localized predominantly in the area of your shoulder and upper part of your humerus. The conditions that cause this can include:

    • Rotator cuff disease: Initially, pain is often felt at the front of the shoulder.
    • Torn rotator cuff: Tears in the rotator cuff can include pain that begins near the shoulder.
    • Dislocated shoulder: Pain from a shoulder dislocation is most acutely felt near the shoulder.
    • Broken collarbone: The pain from a broken collarbone can be felt close to the shoulder, particularly when you try to move your arm.
    • Frozen shoulder: This type of pain typically comes on gradually and feels dull and deep.
    • Calcific tendinitis: Pain due to calcific tendinitis can be severe and can come on suddenly, often in the morning.
    • Shoulder sprain: You can feel pain from a shoulder sprain not only in your shoulder, but also in the area of your upper arm and collarbone.
    • The pain due to a separated shoulder is felt around the shoulder and upper arm.
    • Shoulder osteoarthritis and RA: People with arthritis in their shoulder often feel a deep ache in their shoulder and upper arm.
    • Brachial neuritis: Pain from brachial neuritis is typically severe and most often happens in the area of the shoulder and upper arm.
    • Brachial plexus injury: Pain from a brachial plexus injury can happen around the shoulder and upper arm. It may be long lasting.

    Seeking Treatment From The Professionals

    If the home remedies do not show any visible improvements, then you need to consult a medical professional to get an apt remedy.

    Therapy Sessions

    You can undergo massage or physical therapy sessions from professionals. It can offer immense relief in many cases. It is especially effective for people who suffer from pain due to overuse of joints or muscle. The therapy sessions can also work wonders on people who have suffered an injury.

    • Massage Therapy

    You can undergo massage therapy by a skilled massage therapist. They work on the specific areas between your shoulder blades. It offers you relief as the massage help your muscle tissue relax. While you can perform the same procedure with a massage device at home, the professionals have a better knowledge of alleviating your pain.

    • Physical/Occupational Therapy

    Your doctor can suggest you see a physical or occupational therapist for the pain caused by the injury. The injury or compressed nerve can trigger severe pain. Therefore, the therapist can help you learn certain exercises. Performing it can improve the symptoms associated with the problem.


    Invasive Surgery

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