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Are Wrist Wraps Worth It

Who Should Buy Gymreapers Wrist Wraps

Richmond Weightlifting Wrist Wraps Review
  • Lifters who want a durable wrist wrap with reinforced stitching.
  • Athletes who want wrist support without hindering their flexibility these offer pretty heavy support which is great for stability but hinders wrist flexibility.
  • Those who value a heavy-duty thumb loop that will last instead of ripping off with just a few uses.

Pros Of Using Wrist Straps

  • Theyre incredibly easy to use
  • Theyll allow you to lift heavier weights in most pulling exercises
  • You can improve your gripping ability
  • You can increase the number of reps youre able to perform
  • They can be used for a wide range of exercises
  • One pair will last you for the duration of your life
  • Theyre relatively cheap
  • Theyre not the biggest or bulkiest so wont take up too much space in your gym bag

Is It Worth Using Wrist Wraps

The wearing of wrist wraps improves the recovery process by assisting in the proper alignment of the wrist. Wrap your wrists to improve wrist stability while also reducing the strain on the joint. When your wrists begin to heal and strengthen, you should stop using wraps and let them heal naturally.

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Do You Need Wrist Wraps

You should invest in a pair of wrist wraps if you find that your wrists are not able to stay neutral while youre lifting.

In addition, you should consider wrist wraps if you have a history of wrist pain. While you should always consult medical advice, wrist wraps have been said to allow people to return to lifting much quicker.

Another main reason to get wrist wraps is to make the weight feel lighter in your hand and to generally increase your confidence under heavier weights.

Beginner lifters likely dont need wrist wraps, but if you have some strength training experience and are getting stronger in the gym then its definitely something you should consider.

I want to caution you that wrist wraps are not a magic cure for poor wrist stability.

At the same time you wear wrist wraps, you should also be working to increase the stability of your wrists through specific strengthening exercises. Youll always want to work on improving your natural stability and strength, in addition to using tools to assist.

My favorite wrist wraps are the Inzer True Gripper Wrist Wraps

Help You Grip More Weight

Golden Girls Wrist Wraps, WOD, Weightlifting, Athletic

Wrist wraps may help you strengthen your hands for any workout that requires grasping, such as deadlifts, rows, and chin-ups.

Right now, try this:

  • Place the palm of your right hand on the left arm’s wrist.
  • Wrap your right thumb and fingers around your left wrist.
  • Squeeze your right hand as tightly as you can.
  • Take note of what occurs to your left hand’s fingers.
  • You should see that your left hand’s fingers begin to shut.
  • Your fingers will grip tighter around the bar if you wear wrist wraps. This is why some of the world’s best powerlifters use wrist bandages when deadlifting.It makes the weight in your hand feel lighter.If your grip on the barbell is firm, the burden will seem lighter in your hands, which will boost your confidence while lifting larger weights.

    This is due to the concept of proprioception, which is your body’s perception of the environment, including muscular force and exertion.Skin, muscles, tendons, and joints have receptors that trigger our proprioception. So, when we hold a barbell, it continuously sends input to our central nervous system about how the weight feels and where our body is in space.

    You may improve your proprioceptive abilities by making your muscles stiff.As a result, the tighter your hands are, the more proception you have and the lighter the weight seems. However, the more relaxed your hands are, the less proprioception you have and the heavier the weight feels.

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    Do Wrist Wraps Weaken Forearms

    The wrist muscles exert their power by controlling the many forearm muscles and increasing strength as a result of proper hand position and support. Wearing wrist wraps has no effect on your forearms ability to work, and your wrists will feel more active and use after extensive grip-training and fine motor movements in the gym.

    Benefits Of Wrist Wraps: What A Few Trusted Experts Had To Say

    This post about the benefits of wrist wraps was contributed by Fatima, one of our Dark Iron Fitness writers.


    I never knew the benefits of wrist wraps or even how to wear wrist wraps until I had my coach guide me through the process a few months ago.

    He told me:

    Its easy. Starting from your thumb you loop it three times around your wrist. Once you reach the hook and loop, you strap it and youre good to go!

    It seemed pretty easy when he did it, but I definitely felt like a badass wearing them!

    The cool thing about wraps is a lot of body-builders, power-lifters, cross fitters, and even baseball players all wear wrist wraps for wrist support.

    No matter who uses them, wrist wraps enables the user to lift heavy items at a time and to stabilize those wrist joints for better performance.

    Wraps also come in a variety of different looks and forms such as cloth, nylon, leather, and suede to give you more variety for what best fits your needs.

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    Wrist Straps Vs Wrist Wraps: Differences Pros Cons

    Some links in this article are affiliate links, which means I earn from qualifying purchases.

    If youve been lifting for any amount of time youll have come across two important pieces of equipment that people wear in the gym: wrist straps and wrist wraps. Both straps and wraps aid in your performance and protect you from potential injury. However, they are not used for the same purpose.

    So, what are the differences between wrist straps vs wrist wraps? Wrist wraps are used to create rigid support around your wrist while lifting. Wraps keep the wrist neutral and prevent it from flexing or bending. Wrist straps do not protect your wrist, but rather increase the amount of weight you can grip. Straps are used when your grip fails.

    There are several other benefits to using straps and wraps, but depending on the outcome you want to achieve in the gym one piece of equipment may be better suited over the other. In this article, Ill cover the differences in greater detail and discuss the pros and cons.

    When To Use Wrist Wraps

    SBD Stiff Wrist Wraps Review

    In general, we recommend using wrist wraps for heavy-lifting workouts, especially when overhead lifts are involved. Also, you should use wrist straps during any workout where overuse is possible such as during metabolic conditioning workouts. Here are more specific examples of when wrist wraps will come in handy:

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    What Are The Best Wrist Straps

    Wrist straps will help you lift more weight if your grip is the limiting factor. This could be the case in exercises like the deadlift, barbell row, or chin-up. At some point, your grip will not be as strong as your other major muscle groups , and youll need assistance from wrist straps to continue getting stronger.

    Since testing 10 of the most popular lifting straps, the Gymreaper lifting straps have been my go-to .

    While Gymreapers is a relatively new company, they have definitely raised the bar. Every piece of the lifting strap has been carefully manufactured, from the thickness and durability of the material, which prevents fraying, to the neoprene padding around the wrist that creates an incredibly comfortable lifting experience . The best part: its one of the cheaper options for lifting straps. The only cheaper strap would be made from 100% cotton, which will fray within a few months, and will likely slip on the barbell.

    Check to see whether the wrist straps are cheaper on or direct from Gymreapers. If there are no price differences, I recommend ordering direct from Gymreapers to get better customer service.

    Check out my review of the Best Lifting Straps.

    Best Wrist Wraps For Powerlifting

    Many powerlifters rely heavily on wrist wraps, and put them through some of the most punishment of any athlete. Thats why powerlifters need the most support possible when it comes to their gear. When youve got a heavy bench press sitting over your chest, the last thing you want is your gear failing. Thats why our top pick for best wrist wraps for powerlifters is Gymreapers Wrist Wraps .

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    Most Durable Wrist Wraps

    Wrist wraps are pieces of gym equipment that may be used nearly every session in some capacity . With that type of frequency and harshness of use, its important to get a pair of wrist wraps that you know will stand up to the challenge. These wrist wraps have been around for years, and we are confident in their durability.

    Should I Use Wrist Wraps For Calisthenics

    XTRIM Polyester 75 mm Softer Wider Dura Elasticized Nylon and Rubber ...

    Wrapping the wrist is beneficial for calisthenic exercises in addition to barbell and dumbbell rows. As a wrist specialist, I recommend emphasizing wrist mobility in calisthenics when working on almost all movements involving the wrist.

    By wrapping the wrists, wrist wraps are designed to protect the wrists from damage and provide additional support during strenuous physical activity. The wrist joints are subjected to increased pressure and compression, allowing for greater lifting and better joint alignment. Wearing wrist wraps during high-intensity training, such as metabolic conditioning or METCon, is beneficial. Using wrist wraps is beneficial for working out at the gym. Wraps provide wrist joint support in addition to relieving wrist pain. Gunsmith Fitness offers excellent quality wrist wraps in a variety of materials. Our wrist wraps are available in a variety of camouflage colors, including black, gray, and .

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    How To Secure Your Wrist Straps In 7 Simple Steps

    There isnt much to it when putting wrist straps on, although it definitely takes a bit of practice to get used to it

    Here are 7 simple steps to follow to put on and use your lifting straps:

  • As if trying to make a circle, thread one end of the lengthy strap through the loop opening.
  • Slip down the loop over and onto your wrist by opening your hands .
  • Check that the ends of each strap are pointing in the same direction as your thumbs toward the centre of your body.
  • Grip the bar or handle as you would normally.
  • Wrap the dangling strap under the bar first then over. Do this a couple of times then place your hand over the straps.
  • Do this again with the other hand. Youll need a bit of practice as youll only have one hand to wrap the straps around.
  • Once both are secure, twist the straps on the bar towards you to tighten.
  • What Are Wrist Straps Used For

    The reason why lifters use wrist straps is that grip strength often acts as a limiting factor during heavy pulling movements, including deadlifts or rowing variations. Strength potential is amazing, but often the grip, controlled by the smaller forearm muscles becomes the limiting factor. Though there are hand techniques to minimize this, like a mixed grip or hook grip, to prevent the bar from slipping, there is always a limitation.

    This is also true for the strongest lifters, and its rare to see someone do a heavy deadlift without using lifting straps. They eliminate the demand for grip strength by locking the wrist to the bar.

    This is why wrist straps are used, by eliminating the possibility of grip failure, you can lift a max lift, with your only constraint being how much you can physically lift.

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    Is It True That Wrist Wraps Weaken Your Wrist

    No, wrist wraps dont weaken your wrist. They work to support the natural stability of your wrists while lifting to make sure they remain neutral at all times. However, its important to note that just using wrist wraps isnt going to strengthen your wrist joints.

    Youll also need to work on some specific wrist strengthening exercises to improve your strength and stability in a natural sense.

    The Importance Of Wrist Wraps

    Pioneer Phantom Wrist Wraps

    If you ask yourself which area of your body you utilize the most for weightlifting or power training, you will almost certainly think of your shoulders, legs, and lower back. But it’s easy to forget that your hands and wrists are just as essential in every workout. They perform an important function and are subject to heavy loads.

    The hand is made up of 27 bones, 8 of which are situated in the wrist and are held together by a plethora of ligaments and tendons. As a result, the anatomy of the wrist is very complicated since it must be flexible in order to sustain and execute all of the required hand movements.A wrist wrap’s function is to support the wrist joint during heavy or maximum effort lifts in pressing motions and overhead lifts.

    During these motions, the wrist may be pushed into extreme extension under load, resulting in impaired mechanics, potential injury, and unsuccessful lifts.

    Wrist wraps are definitely helpful for athletes because they:

    • Have the ability to stabilize the wrist joint rapidly.
    • Are simple to use.
    • May be used for a variety of workouts.
    • Usually last for up to 5 years.
    • Don’t take up too much room in workout bags.

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    Allow You To Go Beyond Your Limits

    When you work out hard, you will strain your muscles to their breaking point. However, not all muscles deteriorate at the same pace. In general, there is a cascade effect in which your smaller stabilizing muscles tire first, followed by your bigger prime movers.

    Wearing wrist wraps may help keep your smaller muscle groups from being fatigued as quickly. For example, let’s suppose you want to perform an AMRAP session at 70% load on the bench press .You’ll begin the set with your wrist directly stacked atop your wrist but, as the set progresses, the tiny forearm muscles that assist maintain the wrist begin to tire.

    Mava Sports Ventilated Workout Gloves With Integrated Wrist Wraps

    Courtesy of Amazon

    • Open hand design for ventilation

    • Palm pad might not cover larger hands

    This set of wrist wraps features an anatomically-shaped silicone grip that molds to your hands and helps to keep weights from slipping. We think theyre ideal for exercises like snatches and kettlebell swings, as well as for chin-ups.

    These unisex gloves will help protect your hands against the calluses that often plague weightlifters. We also like that they offer additional wrist protection with a velcro strap that you can customize to a fit thats most comfortable for you.

    Price at time of publish: $17 for a medium

    Material: Silicone padding| Length: Fits wrist circumferences of 6 to 10.5 inches | Thumb Loop: Yes

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    Are Wrist Straps And Wrist Wraps Considered Cheating

    Given that wrist straps often allow you to lift heavier weights while wrist wraps keep the wrist joint secure and neutral, its not uncommon for people to question the legality of these pieces of equipment.

    While neither are cheating per se, using them in competition is another matter. For example, wrist straps are never allowed in any powerlifting competitions.

    Who Should Buy Manimal Wrist Wraps

    UKKO FIT 18â? Competition Grade Professional Quality Weightlifting Wrist ...
    • Lifters who want durable, heavy-duty wrist wraps will appreciate that these wraps are intentionally overbuilt to withstand punishment.
    • Athletes who like a lot of wrist support during heavy lifts the heavy-duty velcro and reinforced thumb loop allows you to pull these wraps as tight as you like.
    • Anyone who wants to color options there are nine colorways ranging from black to red, white, and blue.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Wrist Wraps

    Its no secret weightlifting and CrossFit WODs require a decent set of gear. Proper preparation is essential with all the muscle stress and joint pressure caused by Olympic lifting and high volume bodyweight lifts. The human body is an amazing machine, and over time, progressive loads become easier and easier as muscle growth occurs. However, as you push the bounds of your limits, its smart to consider investing in some gear. In pursuing fitness goals, you’ll find wrist wraps provide a number of useful benefits.

    Cons Of Using Wrist Wraps

    • Using them too frequently can lead to you developing an over-reliance on them, which in turn causes greater instability in your wrist
    • Wrist wraps made of cotton dont offer sufficient support
    • Depending on how tight you have them around your arm, they can often feel a little uncomfortable to start with
    • If not looked after properly, the velcro may be liable to fray

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    What Type Of Wrist Wrap Is The Best

    When it comes to selecting a pair of wrist wraps, there are many brand choices. The kind of motions you need assistance with can help you narrow down your options.When making your choice, consider the quality and durability of the wrist wraps’ material. The following are some popular kinds of wrist wraps.They are usually 18 inches long and are the most often used wrist wrap while making maximum motions on the bench press or shoulder press.

    • Stiff wrist wraps are composed of stronger, more durable material and are available in a range of sizes ranging from 12 to 36 inches in length if you need even more support for heavy-duty lifting. In addition, because of their thicker material and thumb loop, these wraps are a step above traditional wraps. As a result, these may be seen in a competitive context.
    • Strength wraps are ideal for individuals who love compound exercises or who participate in CrossFit. They’re less cumbersome, with a more extended fabric design , and can be changed fast, which is useful while rushing.

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