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Acupressure Points For Knee Pain With Pictures

Pressure Point Inside Of Knee

Acupressure points for knee pain

Where is the Zu San Li point? Zu san li, which is located beneath the kneecap and between the bones of your lower leg, is the key to proper leg alignment. On your outer side of your leg, it should be about 2 to 3 inches below the knee. It can be found by placing your hand on the outer side of the leg and your fingers facing down over the knee.

Are There Any Precautions With Acupressure

In general, acupressure is very safe. If you have cancer, arthritis, heart disease, or a chronic condition, be sure to have a discussion with your doctor before trying any therapy that involves moving joints and muscles, such as acupressure. And, make sure your acupressure practitioner is licensed and certified.

Deep tissue work such as acupressure may need to be avoided if any of the following conditions apply:

  • The treatment is in the area of a cancerous tumor or if the cancer has spread to bones
  • You have rheumatoid arthritis, a spinal injury, or a bone disease that could be made worse by physical manipulation
  • You are pregnant

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Can I Release My Own Trigger Points

When practitioner uses manual pressure or dry needling, he or she can release triggers points. They can also be handled by a ball or other tool, if desired.

How To Release A Trigger Point

The pain caused by trigger points is typically felt near the bodys surface and can spread to distant areas. Local, persistent pain may accompany a decrease in range of motion in the affected muscles. The goal of massage, spray, and stretch is to help relieve trigger point pain. How long does it take for a trigger point to release? When the trigger points of recent onset have been removed, significant relief of symptoms is frequently provided within minutes, and most acute conditions can be resolved within 2 to 10 days. Chronic conditions are frequently more complex and less responsive to treatment. Even some of these issues can be resolved in as little as six weeks.

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What The Research Shows

Many clinical studies support acupunctures ability to relieve knee pain. One study of 18,000 patients found that acupuncture is helpful for managing many conditions that cause chronic pain, including knee pain.

This study found significant differences between true and fake acupuncture during the trial, which indicates that acupuncture does effectively reduce pain and inflammation.

A scientific review analyzed previous studies on pain management interventions after knee surgery and found evidence to support that acupuncture delays and reduces the use of opioid medication to relieve pain post-surgery.

Effective Acupressure Points For Knee Pain With Pictures

Pin on Acu

The knee pain can occur to any person and sometimes it is very painful. There are some effective pressure points that help relieve knee pain. The acupressure points for knee pain are easy to apply at home and they are completely harmless.

Acupressure Points for Knee Pain are effective to heal the knee pain and knee stiffness caused by any issue. With Acupressure Points, your Knee Pain will run away faster than other techniques.


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Where Should I Massage My Knee Pain

Where do you find a good knee massage? Because trigger points in the thigh muscles refer to pain in the knee, the knee pain massage is performed above the knee on the quad muscles. It is not recommended to massage directly on the kneecap or to push the kneecap around. Consider using peppermint oil as an alternative to massage oil.

Things To Consider Before Giving Yourself A Knee Massage

Before you give your knee a massage, you should first consider a few other factors. Before anything can be done, you must first get the go-ahead from your doctor. Gentle, circular motions are preferred over straight-line rubbing. Finally, you should avoid the pain when it becomes too intense.

Can Acupressure Help With Knee Pain

Acupressure works just like acupuncture but is less invasive. Instead of needles, you apply pressure to acupoints via the fingers, hands, or a special device. It is a great alternative for those still on the fence about acupuncture but still want to experience some of the possible benefits. It is also more convenient since it can be done anytime and anywhere. Acupressure has beenshown to be an effective short-term treatment for chronic knee pain. Some other benefits include improvement in blood circulation and muscle tension. Later on, you will learn more about specific acupressure points for knee pain that you can treat in the comfort of your own home.

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Qigong Massage For Knee Pain: Kneading The Knee

Knee pain is often due to tissues outside the joint itself. Adhesions or scar tissue in the fascia surrounding the knee is the cause of a lot of the pain people experience. Using the pads of your index and middle finger, you can knead out any ripples or wrinkles in the tissue.

Using a circular motion press your finger against the tissue around your knee. Next, use your fingers to move the tissues around in a circle. If the fascia is healthy it will move freely. If there are any wrinkles, ripples or ropes in the tissue. Knead away!

Slowly explore the tissue all around the kneecap and then all around the entire joint itself. Spending a few minutes ironing out the fascial adhesions can make a magical difference for knee pain.

Qigong Massage For Knee Pain: Empty Palm Patting

The Best Acupressure Points for Knee Pain Relief!

Using a cupped hand, clap your hands against either side of your knee. As opposed to a slapping motion which will create a sharp sensation, a cupped hand will create a deeply penetrating vibration. This Acupressure massage technique called Empty Palm Patting is a powerful stimulant to the Qi of the knee.

This will help to break up stagnations of energy in the six meridians that travel through the knee joint. By alternating nine pats to the front and back of the knee, with nine pats to the sides, you can wake up and move the stagnant Qi leading to those painful knees.

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How Does Acupressure Work

Acupressure practitioners use their fingers, palms, elbows or feet, or special devices to apply pressure to acupoints on the body’s meridians. Sometimes, acupressure also involves stretching or acupressure massage, as well as other methods.

During an acupressure session, you lie fully clothed on a soft massage table. The practitioner gently presses on acupressure points on your body. A session typically lasts about one hour. You may need several sessions for the best results.

The goal of acupressure or other types of Asian bodywork is to restore health and balance to the body’s channels of energy and to regulate opposing forces of yin and yang . Some proponents claim acupressure not only treats the energy fields and body but also the mind, emotions, and spirit. Some even believe that therapists can transmit the vital energy to another person.

Not all Western practitioners believe that this is possible or even that these meridians exist. Instead, they attribute any results to other factors, such as reduced muscle tension, improved circulation, or stimulation of endorphins, which are natural pain relievers.

Best Acupressure Points For Knee Pain

Pressure Points on Knee

Location:With knee flexed, below the patella in a depression lateral to the patellar ligament.

Indications:Leg pain, knee arthritis,paralysis of lower extremity , athletes foot, edema, weakness of knee and foot, abdominal distension, and constipation.

Clinical:Various knee joint pains such as rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, knee osteoarthritis, trauma, etc.

Pressure Points Behind Knee

Location:Midpoint of the transverse crease of the popliteal fossa, between the tendons m. biceps femoris and m. semitendinosus.

Efficacy:Stimulating BL 40 can increase blood supply and lubricating fluid in joints and prevent pain caused by friction.

Pressure Points Above Knee

Location:3 cun above GB 34, lateral to the knee joint, in a depression above the external epicondyle of the femur, between the femur and the tendon of biceps femoris.

Indications:Knee arthritis, paralysis of lower limbs, knee joint and surrounding soft tissue disorders, athletes foot Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve palsy, sciatica.

Clinical:Swelling and pain of Knee patella, popliteal contracture, numbness of calf.

Location:With knee flexed, 2 cun above the superior medial border of the patella on the bulge of the medial portion of quadriceps femoris .

Indications:Irregular menstruation, metrorrhagia,Urticaria, eczema, erysipelas

Functions: Invigorates and moves the Blood, cools the Blood, benefits the skin, regulates menstruation.

Pressure Points Below Knee

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How To Relieve Knee Pain With Pressure Points

There are a few pressure points for knee pain, with the most common being located behind the knee. Other pressure points are located on the inside of the knee and on the thigh. Each of these pressure points corresponds to a different area of the knee, so it is important to identify the specific location of your pain before trying to treat it.

How To Massage Your Back The Right Way

Heal Your Knees With Chinese Reflexology

Certain acupressure points can be easy to perform at home. In fact, it will be easy for you to perform them on your own. However, for others, you may face hindrances trying to reach out to the points accurately. During such times, it is best to either seek assistance from a potential acupressure expert or a gentle helping hand at home.

As soon as you reach your acupressure point, exert the pressure of your thumbs to press down strongly but gently. Keep doing this until you can sense a tingling sensation. You must also be able to feel the pressure comfortably on you. It must relax the part of the body that is being massaged at that point. That is how you can use the right acupressure points for back pain.

Make sure you use this pressure to massage the acupressure points at least five times. This will bring relief to your body immediately after the massage. Keep in mind that you may have to experiment with diverse acupressure points to understand what works best for you. Massaging the points in circular order will help bring the results to you right on time. So, follow the pace correctly.

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Gallbladder 30 Jumping Round Jumping Circle

Gallbladder 30 is a useful acupressure point. The GB 30 point has other names such as Jumping Circle Point and Jumping Round Point. The Gallbladder point is located on the lateral side of the buttocks, at junction of 1/3rd lateral and 2/3rd medial distance between greater trochanter and hiatus of the sacrum.

Find the Gallbladder 30 point and apply gentle pressure on it. You should hold the pressure for at least one minute and then release it. By massaging the GB 30 point, you can heal your hip pain, sciatica, leg pain & numbness, lumbar pain, lower back pain, thigh pain, knee pain and buttock pain.

How Does Our Diet Affect Joint Pain

Maintaining our bio-machine is reliant on the type of energy its provided. Inflammation, Irritation and degeneration of a joint is often a symptom of more system-wide inflammation. System-wide inflammation is always a result of one thing. Gut inflammation.

So the simple remedy.. Stop eating things that cause inflammation.

Our body is much like the environment. We dont have to save the environment, we just need to stop polluting it, and its natural regulatory mechanisms will bring things back into balance. Our body has the same ability to self-regulate, but only if it’s not constantly being poisoned.

There are five main inflammatory food-like substances that are to blame. Now, I say food-like substances because the biology of our body is not really designed to digest these items. Hence the problems they create.

  • Processed Sugar

These five bad boys are the cause of the vast majority of the chronic illness we see in the western world. All of them cause an inflammatory reaction in our body. None of them are really food for our machine.

I will dive into the reasons why in an in-depth article on the Microbiome, but for now let’s just say that 10 days after you completely remove these from your diet, inflammation levels drop dramatically. Test it out sometime if you dont trust me. Dont worry, you won’t perish if you don’t get your bagel or slice of pizza for two weeks.

  • Sleep deeper and longer
  • Wake feeling more rested
  • And WAY more energy

Not a bad trade-off I would say!

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How To Relieve Your Knee Pain With These Pressure Points

Knee pain can be a problem, especially as we all get older. But here is a method of knee pain relief which uses knee pressure points to literally press away the pain.

As one component of the successful Liebscher & Bracht pain therapy, osteopressureresets the brain programmes responsible for pain. This is achieved by pressing pain receptors in the fasciae-containing membrane surrounding the bones. The result: any pain you may feel subsides rapidly. In combination with our other methods foam rolling and stretching you can improve your overall well-being and become pain-free if you exercise regularly.

In this article, well show you the knee osteopressure points and how to make use of them and share a relaxing stretching exercise with you. Find out more below!

How Acupressure Works For Knee Pain

Healing knee pain in 8 acupressure points

Acupressure works by stimulating certain energy pathways called meridians. These meridian lines are like rivers that flow through your body and helps blood flow circulation for pain relief.

Meridian lines are all over your body and can start at specific acupuncture points on your head or foot and end at other points along the spine, arms, legs, etc.

Acupressure is a great way to deal with knee pain because it can be used as an alternative therapy that you can self-administer at home.

There are specific pressure points that will help acute and chronic knee pain.

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How Does Back Pain Acupressure Work

According to research, the human body constitutes 350 acupressure points. These can be found across the energy pathways that are also known as meridians. When pressure is exerted on these points, they can encourage vital energy that stimulates diverse organs of your body. Similarly, when back pain acupressure is exerted, it targets the specific pressure points that can help release relaxation for your back pain.

This implies that acupressure uses the physical pressure of fingers to aim the clearance of certain blockages around the body. This helps nourish the body, correct certain functional imbalances and bring back the natural flow. Eventually, your body returns to its healthy and normal state. That is why acupressure points for back pain are necessary to understand.

Gallbladder 34 Yang Ling Quan Yang Hill Spring

Gallbladder 34 is the last but important point for hip pain. The GB 34 point is also called Yang Hill Spring Point. You will find the GB 34 point below the outside of the knee in a depression below inferior and in front of anterior to the head of the fibula.

Find the GB 34 point on your both legs and massage them one by one. Apply gentle pressure on Gallbladder 34 point and hold it for 1 to 2 minutes. Repeat the process on your other leg. The GB 34 Point is effective in relieving weak hip muscles, nausea & vomiting, shoulder pain, knee pain, numbness & pain in lower extremities, jaundice and hemiplegia.


All the Acupressure Points for Hip Pain mentioned above are effective to relieve the pain. You need to apply these pressure points on a regular basis to get best results. If you dont have practical knowledge of Acupressure Therapy then please do not apply it yourself. You should get help of an Acupressure Expert to apply the acupressure points to heal the hip pain.

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Why Do We Get Sore Knees

When we think of the structure of the knee, we have to take several different tissues into account. Pain in the knee can be due to problems with bone, connective tissue, muscles or a combination of many.

But no matter what tissue is the source of pain, one of two factors is always the cause. Poor mechanics or poor nutrition.

The Basic Principles Of Acupressure For Back Pain

Pin on Sujok Acupressure

The different acupressure points of your body require different finger movements for comfort and relaxation. Throughout the acupressure session, these finger movements are made gradually across the patients body to alleviate the pain and restore the natural flow of the body. Thus, the body feels it is charged again to fight back and use its own healing energy.

People with joint pain, back pain, and even migraines can find immense relief with the help of acupressure. Stiffness, anxiety, headaches, and acidity can also be fought off using this technique timely. Back pain acupressure must also be practiced regularly for sound benefits.

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Sunny Side Of Mountain Point

Acupressure Sunny Side of Mountain Point is very effective when the Knee Pain is high. You can use this Acupressure points for Knee Pain to get quick relief. The Sunny Side of Mountain Point is situated below the Kneecap and on frontal head of the shinbone. You can easily find the exact place of the point from the below given picture.

Reach to the Sunny Side of Mountain Point and apply pressure with one or two fingers. Massage that area for a few minutes one by one on both legs on everyday basis to relieve extreme Knee Pain, Strains in Muscles and Muscle Tension.

How To Use Acupressure For Back Pain

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Most times, we are driven by the idea of relying on medications to ease our health conditions. For back pain, too, we tend to fall back on over-the-counter medications. But they come with side effects, and consuming too much of them can be harmful. This means medications and drugs can only help alleviate the pain to a certain degree.

At this point, rooting for natural remedies becomes indispensable. Acupressure for back pain is one such natural treatment. It is a fairly useful alternative to medications and drugs with no side effects. The technique can help recede your pain exponentially, eventually easing the discomfort. In this process, it stands out as a promising substitute for healing.

Acupressure for back pain involves a system. Anyone looking to derive its merits must be well-acquainted with the diverse pressure points of the body. This is essential to practice the technique correctly without leaving any room for confusion. For this purpose, certain experts and acupressure machines can also help greatly.

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